Our Spiritual Ears

Preoccupation with the affairs of this material world will dull our spiritual ears to heed God’s Spirit in the spiritual realm (Matthew 13:15). This opens us up for Satanic deception, worldly influence and fleshly temptations.


We may even miss the coming of the Lord. He will come when we least expect Him, as a thief in the night (1 Thessalonians 5:2-4). That is why God calls us to watch and pray.
We open our spiritual ears, watch and prepare for His guidance, comfort and coming. We live in holy anticipation and expectation. Our sole desire as we function in His calling for our life is His will.


A sign of the end times is spiritual apathy, which starves our spirit. We are so focused on our flesh and soul – our thoughts, choices and emotions – that we are spiritually asleep.


We put other pursuits ahead of our Bible reading, gathering with God’s Saints, prayer and obedience to God’s Spirit moment by moment throughout our day.


Circumstances constantly affect our fulfillment and contentment. We suffer from spiritual anemia. We measure our self-worth from our human accomplishments.


The future frightens us and we feel compelled to abandon the spiritual side of life in order to make provision for our physical and emotional needs first (Matthew 24:38).


We forget that we are created in God’s image as triune beings and that He has a perfect plan for our life (Ephesians 2:10). As we take care of His business, He takes care of ours (Matthew 6:26).


His Kingdom is our inheritance and His immortal provision will replace our mortal existence if we will place His will above our own. He calls us to occupy the earth for Him until He comes (Luke 19:13).



Father God, spur us to release our desire to settle for mediocrity in the spiritual realm in order to excel in the carnal world. Help us to take our foot out of the earthly realm and to plant both feet firmly on the Rock of Christ.


Remind us that there is no salvation in pretending to be a Christ-follower. Only a life dedicated to the pursuit of Your will can bear any lasting, spiritual fruit. We want to receive Your free gift of salvation, sanctification and glorification by faith and abide in You forever (Ephesians 2:8-9).


Thought for the Day:

Walking in spiritual completion allows us to persevere in times of trial and tribulation by the power of God’s Spirit within us. – Colossians 2:10



Our Identity in Christ – Part 2

Our reality in life has nothing to do with this world, and everything to do with Christ (Colossians 2:17). We are risen with Christ, our life is now hidden in Him and He is our whole life (Colossians 3:3-4; 1 Thessalonians 4:16).

In Christ, we enjoy all of the assets of insight and understanding, which we need in this life (Colossians 2:3). We are planted and nurtured in Him (Colossians 2:7). Through Christ in us, we have His character and nature in us (Colossians 2:9-10; 2 Peter 1:4)

Due to our union with Christ we give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18); we have the promise of life, faith, hope, and love (1 Timothy 1:1, 14; 2 Timothy 1:1); and we stand firm in our assurance in Him (1 Timothy 3:13).

As we gain our identity from our union with Jesus Christ, we can laugh at our short comings and find our fulfillment in the fact that He abides within us. We take our focus from our self and keep it on Christ.

Our identity in Christ leads us to lose interest in this life and in accumulating wealth and possessions. Instead, we turn our focus on spiritual matters and furthering God’s Kingdom now and for eternity.

We spend every waking moment praying for the lost and sharing with our friends, relatives, associates and neighbors about what Christ does in our life each day.

Many will reject us, but some will have spiritual ears to hear what God’s Holy Spirit is speaking to their heart through us (Mark 4:9). We will have the joy of watching another sinner, saved by grace, come to completion in Christ (Colossians 1:10).

Father God, thank You for making it possible for us to be part of Your family for eternity. We know that Christ paid a horrendous price as a man on this earth to make this possible. We give Him all the praise, honor and glory as the Lamb slain before the formation of the earth (Revelation 13:8).

Remind us that sharing with the world about Your glorious provision in our life is such a small price to pay for all that You have given us. Give us the courage of our convictions to share our faith and Your faithfulness with everyone we meet.

Thought for the Day:
In Christ, our joy overflows. – Philippians 1:26

Hearing from God

In my attempts to walk in the Spirit, God is using some unusual object lessons to teach me some valuable lessons. For instance, during a shopping trip, God impressed upon my spirit to check out the sales in the shoe department for pool shoes.

I already possessed a wondrous pair of Speedo pool shoes, so I spent the rest of my time in the store praising God for His abundant provision for me.

The next day, the very next day, my shoes were stolen at the pool. My Father God attempted to provide for me before I even realized my need. However, I chose to praise instead of to obey (1 Samuel 15:22).

The fine tuning of my spiritual ears made a giant leap that day. I ended up ordering a cheap pair of pool shoes online; however, for the following week, I had to wear my shower shoes to the pool.

The flip flop construction of the shower shoes rubbed a bruise on the bones between the toes of both of my feet. Even after the new pool shoes came in the mail, those bruises were a painful reminder to not only listen, but also to obey the leading of God’s Spirit.

Another morning I woke up and the Spirit told me to go out and fertilize my garden plants. I anticipated doing this the next time it rained, but I did not want to go outside before I was even fully awake.

I listened to Mother Nature murmurings outside as I rolled out from under my covers, and realized that it was already pouring rain outside. I wanted to snuggle back under my covers and snooze a while longer.

Remembering my bruised toes, I immediately slipped on my house dress and pool shoes, grabbed the bag of flower fertilizer and went outside.

The rain instantly gentled to a slow drizzle while I spread the nutrients around my three flower gardens. As I washed my hands in the kitchen sink after the chore, I enjoyed the beauty of one of the gardens outside of my window.

I also noticed that the drizzle changed back to a pouring rain – God’s perfect timing. I am so glad that this time I obeyed His Spirit immediately, or I would have resembled a drowned rat if I waited until I fully woke up to obey.

God graciously gave me that perfect window of time to nurture my plants. I see a pattern developing. God rewards all of my efforts to obey, as I learn to walk in His Spirit each moment of my day.

Father God, You are not really interested in pool shoes and flower gardens, but You certainly do care about my obedience to Your Spirit. You have a perfect work for me to do with my life (Ephesians 2:10). As I walk in Your Spirit, I will see the fruit of Your labors through my body, soul and spirit (Galatians 2:20, 5:15-25).

Thank You for caring so much for each individual part of Your Body (1 Corinthians 12:12). We would never have enough time to give You the praise You deserve, if it was not for the fact that we will live for eternity and worship with the angels around Your throne.

Thought for the Day:
To obey the Lord is much more important than making sacrifices for His glory.

– 1 Samuel 15:22