Living in the Moment

The Serenity Prayer, the whole prayer and not just the first paragraph, teaches us to live in the moment. This is the key to living a life full of the peace and joy of the Lord.

The next moment does not yet exist; five years ago only exists as a memory and can no longer really affect this current moment; unless there are unresolved issues from our past, which still haunt us today, and which God wants to heal.

The only true reality is now…this one moment in time. We may pass from life one moment from now; so living this current moment fully is imperative to our joyful existence.

The excitement about this one moment of time is that we do not have to wait for it. It is already here. We can make of it what we choose. We can live in God’s perfect will for every single moment of time (Ephesians 2:10).

As we pay attention to this exact moment, we take note of our breath. Is it shallow and tense or peaceful and deep? What thought is in our mind? Are we concerned about an issue or enjoying the presence of God?

What emotions accompany our thoughts? Are we angry, anxious, addled or are we basking in the love the Lord? How does our body feel? Is there pain, are we tired, do we have an unusual amount of energy?

As we learn to be present in the moment with our self, then we can take the next step of being present in the moment with God’s Holy Spirit. Abiding within us, He gives us creative options, inspirational direction and Godly wisdom.

Do not be afraid of paying attention to who you really are inside. You may not like yourself, but God loves you. So you have value, which you never explored or acknowledged, just waiting for you to discover.

We do not need a mask, addictions or an escape to deal with our negative emotions or circumstances. This only postpones the inevitable need to face who we really are. Take time to look in the mirror and to love your self.

Living in the present helps us to care for our own needs, as well as the needs of people God brings into our life. We will look deeper than the manifesting emotions, into our own heart and into the heart of others.

God will give us discernment about the true needs in our soul or in the life of our family, friends, acquaintances and even total strangers that we meet along the way.

God will show us how He wants to use us to help, heal, provide for, or to pray for these needs. As we walk in His Spirit every moment of every day, we further His Kingdom.


Father God, most of us have calendars that are so full of activities and responsibilities that we have no time to just “be” in Your presence. We rattle off a quick prayer as we rush out the door, but we have not truly connected with our self or with You.

Teach us to fully abide in each moment of time. Help us not to regret the past or fear the future. Remind us that You have a perfect plan for every moment of our life, and teach us to walk in Your Spirit through every one of them.

Thought for the Day:

God calls us to adopt the attributes of a little child – to trust the Lord without reservation, to be open to new experiences in life, to enthusiastically enjoy our current activities, and to joyfully, lovingly and freely walk in His Spirit moment by moment throughout the day.

– Matthew 19:14; Galatians 5:15-26

Perfected in Love

Perfected in Love

Due to the experiences of my childhood, I grew up as a fearful and insecure person. I came to Christ at age 18, and the slow process of inner healing began. Even as I grew spiritually, my soul was haunted by the past and feared the future. With an analytical mind and organizational skills, I appeared to be a person who had it all together.

The underlying truth was that I subconsciously lived in wary anticipation of the next circumstance totally annihilating me. I guarded against and opposed anyone who threatened my security in any way. With my Italian genes, I am fiercely passionate in all of my emotions. To those who knew me best, I presented a puzzle in direct opposites.

Those who took my tirades personally were devastated, and withdrew emotionally or physically from me. Those who understood me realized that my Italian nature allowed me to laugh with as much abandon and passion as I used anger to protect myself. My most endearing quality is my loyalty and faithfulness to God, my family and God’s family. All traits of an Italian nature.

The apostle John, being a sensitive soul, understood that if we continue to entertain fears after our conversion, it is because God’s love has not yet perfected some area in our life (1 John 4:18). We have not been healed in some areas of our past that are still affecting our current life. ( However, as we experience healing in our soul, we sense more and more that God’s love protects us.

It takes a while after surrendering to Christ for His Spirit to heal all the wounds from our past and to give us the perfect comfort and security, which only His love can provide. Do not berate yourself for your shortcomings. Everyone has them, and no one has a right to reject you for them. They just manifest differently in them than in you. Forgive yourself as readily as you forgive those who hurt you.

Father God, remind us that taking time to walk in Your Spirit moment by moment throughout the day helps us to walk in complete surrender and serenity. When the pain of the past or the fears of the future raise their ugly heads, we can realize that we are safe in the shadow of our Almighty in this one moment of time. This thought gives us comfort and confidence.

Thought for the Day:
Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not depend on your human reasoning. – Proverbs 3:5-6

Why Did I Do That?

Why Did I Do That?

Have you ever told your self not to do something and then did it anyway? Did you ever buy a dessert and plan to eat it a little each day and then end up eating it all in one sitting? Do you ever catch yourself saying or doing something exactly the way your parent did? Do we have multiple personalities? Why can’t we get it together?

There is a reason we do this, and the solution is simple. Humans are a triune being – body, soul and spirit; and we have multiple ego states within our soul – Inner Parent, Inner Child and Inner Adult. Our goal in life is for these three ego-states to make peace with one another and then to positively affect our body, soul and spirit.

Start to analyze the conversations you have with your self. You will soon see a distinct pattern: Childish desires, Parental restrictions or permissiveness, and a rational Adult attempting to make peace between the two. It is important to consider your Inner Child’s need to play and have treats, as well as to train your Inner Parent to nurture your Inner Child and not to be demeaning and restrictive or permissive and distant.

I had to go to the library to borrow books on how to be a nurturing parent to learn how to nurture. You may not have role models for this either and may benefit from reading some books. Our thought processes fluidly fluctuate between one ego-state to another. Pay attention to what you need and meet that need in wholesome and appropriate ways.

We commonly look to other people to read our mind and to nurture us and to provide needed parameters around our life. However, we do not need anyone else to help us to be a fulfilled individual. The goal is to become a connected human being with all three ego-states functioning in cooperation with one another and with the Spirit of God. God does this in us with one inner healing at a time.

Father God, You call us to love others as we love our self (Mark 12:31). Yet, we forget to love our self. Help us to treat our self with kindness, interest, nurture and cherishing. Remind us to take our self seriously and to meet our own needs, or to trust You to meet them for us, and to discipline any area in us that is in disobedience to Your Word. This will keep us from overly indulging or from belittling and demeaning our self and others. Let Your light shine within us and affect every area of our life.

Thought for the Day:
Analyzing the transactions going on among our three ego-states will free us from having to look to others to meet our needs.

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