God is Infinite

The Trinity of God is a confusing concept when we attempt to understand it in human terms. It is one of those facts, which prove to us that God’s ways are infinitely more advanced than our finite mind can comprehend (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Many people attribute super-human qualities to space aliens that may or may not exist; yet, they refuse to believe that God is definitely more superior than we are. They reduce Him to a genie to grant their wishes.

God often makes no human sense, but that is why we serve Him. He is eternal in the heavens (1 Timothy 1:17). We cannot contain Him in our little human box, because He is immeasurably greater.

God uses human terms to describe spiritual functions, so that our finite mind can understand them to the best of our ability. Yet, these infinite spiritual concepts do not quite fit into our limited understanding.

This causes people to doubt God, the validity of the Bible and the sanity of Christ’s followers. They attribute our belief to gullibility or an emotional crutch. Their spirit is dead and they cannot understand the things of God (1 Corinthians 2:14).

For instance, the Trinity is actually one God who has three functions: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Deuteronomy 6:4; Galatians 1:1; John 1:1-18; Matthew 28:19). God functioned as Creator, Jesus serves as Savior, and the Holy Spirit inspires, comforts and guides us.

In the same manner that water is liquid, steam and solid, but still water; God is Father, Son and Spirit, but still one God. The finite discord comes in when we read that the Son is obedient to the Father or that the Father and Son sent and direct the Holy Spirit (Luke 22:42; John 16:15).

The three are distinct, but one. Jesus made it clear that He and the Father are one (John 10:38, 14:11; 17:11, 21). Yet, He also spent much time in devotion to the Father and receiving direction from the Father.

Another instance is that God sent His only Son, the first born among many children of God, into the world to be a sacrifice for our sins (John 3:16; Romans 8:29; 1 Corinthians 15:20). Yet, Jesus made it clear that He laid down His own life and took it up again (John 10:18, 15:13; 1 John 3:16).

Since these ideas do not make sense in human terms, and appear to be a contradiction, then people dismiss them as rantings of male chauvinists who attempted to deceive the masses. They refuse to believe that God transcends human understanding.

Father God, humans tend to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel (Matthew 23:24). We make issues harder for our self than they really are. We are so glad that You are greater than we will ever humanly understand; otherwise, why would we bother to serve, glorify and honor You with our life?

We can never have enough time to praise You for all You do for us, even the tiny love notes You provide, which we take for granted. Remind us to be grateful for who You are and what You provide for us every day.

Thought for the Day:
God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit exists in perfect unity as one, yet are three distinct entities. – Gospel of John, chapters 14-16