The Presence of God

God is present within us, and in our world through the lives of His Saints. His Holy Spirit takes up residence in us and we are His temple. We live, move and have our being in Him (Acts 17:28).

His supernatural power supplies all of our needs through His glorious riches (Philippians 4:19). He abundantly meets our needs in ways we never have imagined.

Our Father rarely uses signs and wonders to accomplish His will. He works through ordinary people and often by ordinary means (John 4:48). His quiet presence is always in our midst (John 14:16; Matthew 28:20).

The fleshly desires, of our Adamic sin nature will decrease, as Christ in us increases (Ephesians 2:1-3). He replaces our carnality with His divine nature (Romans 8:8-9; 2 Peter 1:4).

Christ set us free from the bondage to sin, and He is showering us with His forgiveness, holiness, peace and joy through His Spirit (Romans 6:18, 14:17). Through His forgiveness, we can forgive our self and those who hurt us.

We have the choice now to walk in the Spirit or the flesh (Galatians 5:15-25). We are no longer deceived by the allure of the world, for we recognize it as empty and devastating.

As we put Christ as our first priority in our life, and eliminate our attachment to the world, we enjoy real devotion at Jesus’ feet (Luke 10:41-42). We organize our life and reduce the excesses until we have more time for worship and service.

The faith of Christ brightens our day and His mercy and grace fuel our desire to walk only in His will. We submit to Christ as He does the works of our Father in and through us (John 5:19).

Father God, we please You by our willingness and obedience to Your Word. With Christ in us, we are enough – good enough, strong enough, obedient enough, anointed enough to serve You with our life (Deuteronomy 10:12-13).

We serve You with joy in our heart, and we dwell in Your presence with gratitude and praise. We bless Your name, for You are good, and Your everlasting mercy and truth endure throughout ever generation (Psalm 100:2-5).

Thought for the Day:
God shows us the path of life, as well as continual delights at His right hand; and we find complete joy in His presence. – Psalm 16:11

Rivers of Living Water

God provided supernatural fountains of free-flowing, living water for His people throughout the ages (Jeremiah 2:13). This represents His life-giving presence within us.

As our Good Shepherd, He also makes us to lie down in lush, green pastures; and He leads us beside still, peaceful water to rest (Psalm 23:1-2). He provides for all of our needs according to His glorious riches (Philippians 4:19).

He will even turn a dry desert into a luxurious meadow for us. He takes us into His promised land, which flows with milk and honey (Isaiah 43:180-19, 44:3-4).

As the deer, we pant for His living water, making sure to visit the clear brook of His Word every day (Psalm 42:1-2). It changes our life from the inside out (Proverbs 10:11; 1 Corinthians 10:4; Exodus 17:1-7).

Only the living water of Christ in us can quench our thirsting soul. When we share Christ with the unsaved, they will accept Him as their Savior only if they are thirsty for what God supplies (John 3:16-18).

If we attempt to purify our self, the water will stagnate and turn rancid. Only the water of God’s Holy Spirit provides us with rivers of living water (John 4:10-11; Ephesians 2:8-9).

God’s living water flows through our spirit by His Holy Spirit from the continuous springs welling up inside of us (John 7:37-39). Then God’s Spirit flows through us and inspires us with words to speak in every situation (Acts 2:4).

Father God, we want a steady stream of Your living water to flow through every cell of our body. Fill us until we are saturated with the life giving water of Your Word. Work out Your will in our lives as we surrender our life to You (Ephesians 2:10).

Help us to have faith in Your faithfulness and to daily commit our life only to You. Keep us thirsty for more of You until the day of Your coming. Sanctify us until we have no blemish or stain of sin, so that we will be a holy bride for Your Son (Ephesians 2:22).

Thought for the Day:
The life of Christ within our spirit flows through us like a river of living water, and then out of us into the people around us.

Slow Down and Spend Time with God

The soul is the most overlooked aspect of our Christian life. Prior to salvation, we allowed our heart to advise us, control us and comfort us. This does not refer to our blood pumping organ, but our inner self of thoughts, choices and emotions – our soul (Proverbs 4:23, 15:13, 23:7; Matthew 12:34-35). This way of life is weak, at best, but all we had.

When we come to Christ, our spirit is Born Again, and we begin the adventure of living in and by the Spirit of God (Galatians 5:16-25). This is when we start to mistrust our soul, and rightfully so. However, we also ignore the needs of our soul, thinking that they are carnal and unholy. Some of our soul’s demands are unrighteous idols, which we lay at the altar for sacrifice (Romans 8:6-7; 1 Corinthians 3:3).

Yet, many of our soul’s desires are given to us by God, and He wants to supply them through His glorious riches (Philippians 4:19; Ephesians 3:16). We can nurture our soul by listening to praise songs, reading God’s Word, learning a new hobby, taking college courses that interest us, making new Christian friends, planting a garden, exercising to trim down and raise endorphins, serving in the ministries of our church, planning a healthy snack to look forward to every day, joining Bible study classes, etc.

The most powerful way to nurture our soul, however, is to be a friend of God. It takes time to develop this relationship, but it is so nourishing to our body, soul and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Slow down and spend time alone with God. You will focus on the wholesome side of life, find peace and joy in the midst of negative circumstances and feel God’s presence in each moment of the day.

Father God, Satan has his agenda for our life, and we merrily follow his lead until we come face to face with Your invitation to accept Jesus as our Savior. Satan’s deception is no match for Your presence in our life. He fades into the background and loses the battles he wages for our soul. Your Spirit nurtures our body, soul and spirit as we follow Your direction for each new day. We love You and give You all the praise and glory for Your wondrous intervention in our life.

Thought for the Day:
God’s Spirit transforms our soul into the image of Christ throughout every moment of our life. – 2 Corinthians 3:18