New Creation – Part 2

God started a good work in me and continues to make me a new creation (Philippians 1:6). Introspection was an affliction, which contributed to my low self-esteem and introverted tendencies. God’s Holy Spirit healed this burden by ending my negative self-talk and filling me with His fruit (Galatians 5:22-23).

I tended to be one-track minded and had no skill for multi-tasking, until my children were born – what mother does not learn to multi-task?

Fighting depressive thoughts and looking at the glass as half-empty were two other melancholic traits, from which God delivered me. He taught me to focus on the eternal rather than the earthly; eventually worldly cares and concerns stopped bothering me so much.

Feeling like a victim or a savior were two other traits, which God freed me from by reminding me that I am more than a conqueror and Jesus is the only Savior the world needs (Romans 8:37; 1 John 4:14).

Holding grudges caused me problems until God taught me about forgiveness – not only about forgiving others, but about forgiving myself as well (Matthew 6:14-15). Mercy and grace became my guide stones.

Worry is another weakness, which plagued my life until God taught me to have faith in His faithfulness and that He would eventually work out everything, even the most negative situation, for my good (Romans 8:28).

Father God, these negative natural tendencies crippled my life and gave me a pessimistic outlook. I could not see the joy You created all around me. As you transform me to have the mind of Christ, all of nature, each person I encounter and every detail of my day become an adventure and a blessing in my life. I look forward to each new day in Your presence. Thank You for making me a new creation.

Thought for the Day:
Transformation is a voyage of discovery of who we are in Christ. – 2 Corinthians 5:17

Our Great I AM

Many believe that Jesus was a man, a good man, but human and temporarily influential in this world. Jesus had a higher opinion of Himself, however (John 8:23). He shared God’s glory and considered Himself equal with God (John 10:30; 1 John 2:23). Jesus told us that the He is the physical manifestation of God (John 14:9). Reminding us that He is not of this world, He also mentioned that He existed eternally (John 6:62, 17:5,16).

The great I AM existed before Abraham (John 8:58). Jesus is Immanuel, the human manifestation of God (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23). He left behind His heavenly glory and came to earth as a humble servant (Philippians 2:6-8), giving His life to allow anyone, humble enough to repent a believe, a way to enjoy eternal life (John 14:6). He also gave us His example. The least shall be the greatest; the servant shall be chief (Matthew 20: 26-28).

We live in peace with everyone (Romans 12:18), as far as it depends upon us, which includes forgiving them for any infractions they perpetrated on us. This way God can forgive us as well (Matthew 6:14-15). Living according to God’s standard for our life is the result of His Spirit conforming us to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29). His grace makes us who we are (1 Corinthians 15:10).

Jesus never attempted to live by cultural norms during His life. He knew the status quo was as far from the Kingdom of God as it could get. He had nothing nice to say to or about the religious leaders and He never conformed to their image for Him. He left us this example as well…to please God rather than man (Matthew 23:33; Galatians 1:10). We abide as a living sacrifice and honor God (Romans 12:1).

Father God, thank You for becoming a man and dying in our place. Knowing that You are our great I AM gives us so much peace, joy and confidence to live life according to Your perfect will for each of us. Conform us to the image of Your Son. Help us to follow Jesus’ example and to please You rather than people.

Thought for the Day:
Follow God’s will with total abandon.