Why Believe in God?

Why not believe in God? What is the alternative? We can rely on our self, our career, other people or addictions of some kind, but these are not stable or eternal. The fulfilled prophecies of the Bible prove that it is worthy of our confidence in its Words. They are life, and they give us a road map to follow in this unstable world in which we live.

God knows us intimately, and deeply cares about us (2 Corinthians 5:11; Ephesians 2:20; Psalm 139:13). Our God of Hope fills us with all joy and peace. As we trust in Him, we will overflow with His hope by the power of His Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13). This hope in God does not disappoint us, because God poured out His love in our hearts through the Holy Spirit whom He also gave to us as our Comforter and Guide (Romans 5:5; John 14:26).

We are blessed when we place our hope in the Lord, our God, from whom comes our help (psalm 146:5). God knows exactly how we feel and He cares about us, even if people do not understand us (Hebrews 4:15). Our faith, knowledge and eternal hope rests on our God who cannot lie (Titus 1:2; Hebrews 7:19; Acts 26:6). When we develop the mindset that we ultimately need no one but God for our life and our future, we are truly free (John 8:36).

Our Heavenly Father gave us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. God is great in His mercy. He is our future and our inheritance, which will never perish, be destroyed or fade away (1 Peter 1:3-4). We can place our faith and hope in God, because He raised Christ from the dead and restored to Him His great glory (1 Peter 1:21).

Father God, You removed our fleshly tendencies by the circumcision of Christ, You buried us with Him in His baptism and You raised us up with Him, because we have faith in Your plan for our salvation (Colossians 2:11-12). Now our flesh is dead with Christ, but we also live in Him (Romans 6:8; Colossians 3:3). He is our whole life (Colossians 3:4). As our love for You increases, our connection to this world decreases, and our intimacy with You intensifies.

Thought for the Day:
We wait expectantly for our blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus, the Messiah.
– Titus 2:13; Acts 24:15