Why Did I Do That?

Why Did I Do That?

Have you ever told your self not to do something and then did it anyway? Did you ever buy a dessert and plan to eat it a little each day and then end up eating it all in one sitting? Do you ever catch yourself saying or doing something exactly the way your parent did? Do we have multiple personalities? Why can’t we get it together?

There is a reason we do this, and the solution is simple. Humans are a triune being – body, soul and spirit; and we have multiple ego states within our soul – Inner Parent, Inner Child and Inner Adult. Our goal in life is for these three ego-states to make peace with one another and then to positively affect our body, soul and spirit.

Start to analyze the conversations you have with your self. You will soon see a distinct pattern: Childish desires, Parental restrictions or permissiveness, and a rational Adult attempting to make peace between the two. It is important to consider your Inner Child’s need to play and have treats, as well as to train your Inner Parent to nurture your Inner Child and not to be demeaning and restrictive or permissive and distant.

I had to go to the library to borrow books on how to be a nurturing parent to learn how to nurture. You may not have role models for this either and may benefit from reading some books. Our thought processes fluidly fluctuate between one ego-state to another. Pay attention to what you need and meet that need in wholesome and appropriate ways.

We commonly look to other people to read our mind and to nurture us and to provide needed parameters around our life. However, we do not need anyone else to help us to be a fulfilled individual. The goal is to become a connected human being with all three ego-states functioning in cooperation with one another and with the Spirit of God. God does this in us with one inner healing at a time.

Father God, You call us to love others as we love our self (Mark 12:31). Yet, we forget to love our self. Help us to treat our self with kindness, interest, nurture and cherishing. Remind us to take our self seriously and to meet our own needs, or to trust You to meet them for us, and to discipline any area in us that is in disobedience to Your Word. This will keep us from overly indulging or from belittling and demeaning our self and others. Let Your light shine within us and affect every area of our life.

Thought for the Day:
Analyzing the transactions going on among our three ego-states will free us from having to look to others to meet our needs.

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