From Frightened to Freedom

As a young wife and mother of three, my life was hectic at best. On top of this, I viewed life and reacted to its challenges and issues from a codependent and perfectionistic attitude – double trouble.


I wanted to please everyone, so they would like and love me; I thought that the only way to accomplish this feat was to be perfect. I was under the delusion that if I loved and served everyone – even to the detriment of myself – they would love me in return.


However, all I did was to teach people to take me for granted and to treat me like a doormat and their unpaid servant – chief cook, bottle washer, baby sitter, housekeeper and problem solver. People took advantage of me, which stressed me out even further.


I even did this with God. I attempted to keep every “jot and tittle of the law” (Matthew 5:18), hoping to please God with my undying service, in order to earn His love. I turned into a foolish “Galatian” and ran myself ragged, meeting myself coming and going (Galatians 3:1-3).


Stress kept me from sleeping and sleeplessness made me grouchy, which caused me to be short-tempered with those I loved. I hated who I was…I hated me, but I had no idea how to change things.


My self-esteem was in the bottom of the tank and I felt like I was drowning in the details of life. Finally, in desperation, I started researching codependence: what caused it and how to get free from it.


I learned that I had to stop neglecting my own needs every day and to allow others to meet their own needs once in a while. The books promised that they would still love me anyway, even if I did not “earn” it.


I figured that even if they did not love me, then they had no true feelings for me in the first place. I also translated this into the spiritual realm. God already loved me when I was a lost sinner, and He would always love me unconditionally (Romans 5:8); therefore, I could enter His rest and enjoy His favor.


This fact stopped the codependence dead in its tracks. I did a 180 degree turn around and walked away from this driven lifestyle. God’s Spirit broke the shackles of expectations that I allowed to chain me to a meager existence.


When I entered into God’s rest, I found a security and warmth that I missed all my life. Over the ensuing years, the comfort of God’s rest brought me more peace and joy than I ever dreamed possible; and He continually supplies all of my needs with His glorious riches.



Father God, thank You so much for Your grace and mercy, which lead us in Your everlasting way (John 10:28-30; 1 Peter 5:10). You teach us lessons all along life’s path and You bring us into ever-increasing intimacy with Your presence within us. When we let go of the impossible demands of pleasing people and focus instead on walking by the direction of Your Spirit moment by moment, we enter into Your rest, we receive Your gift of mercy and love, and we learn to trust in Your wisdom.


Due to Christ’s saving redemption on Calvary’s cross, we are no longer slaves of the demon of perfectionism. Instead, we follow the leading of Your Spirit and rest in Your goodness and grace. We trust in You with our whole heart; acknowledge You in all of our thoughts, words and deeds; and glorify You as You direct our paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).


Thought for the Day:

God invites us to bask in His love; abide in His peace and hide under His wings when life scares us (Psalm 91:4); we learn to accept love when it is given and to serve others only when God’s Spirit leads us to do so; this prevents burn-out and promotes joy in living regardless of our circumstances.


Just Like Clockwork

Our feelings, along with our thoughts, tell our mind what our body needs. Negative feelings show us unresolved conflicts. They can also simulate a situation that is not happening, but it is so real in our mind that it makes the brain think it is actually happening.


If our feelings are negative, our brain gets negative messages and sends chemicals to treat those negative issues. This causes damage to some of our physical organs, even though nothing is actually wrong.


For instance, we may feel stress from imagined danger. Our mind sends chemicals to fight or to flee from the danger. There is no real danger, so this unnecessary surge of chemicals cause us to develop chronic illnesses.


Every beat of our heart sends electromagnetic frequencies and laser-like emissions of light from our heart to our DNA in our body; so that we can adapt to or overcome issues in our environment (Isaiah 58:8).


If we only treat the physical symptoms, which present at any given moment in our life, we are still sick from the cause of those symptoms; and in many cases the medication causes new illnesses from their side-effects.


Pharmaceuticals, which we take (pharmaceuticals from the root word pharmakeia meaning “sorcery” – Strongs 5331), rarely if ever heal the root cause of our illnesses, and open us up to other diseases caused by the medication.


Yet, if we treat our negative thoughts and feelings (Biblical counseling), spine (chiropractor), kidney and gastroenterological issues (eat organic and take supplements our body lacks) and restore these four entities to function positively, we are healed from most of our diseases.


We can listen to sage advice from other people who have been healed from diseases with which we currently live. We can change our lifestyle from one of sin and convenience to a spiritual side and a holistic approach with organic food and supplements.


Our convenience and processed foods, along with genetically modified foods, antibiotics and pesticides are often the culprits making us ill. As we walk in the Holy Spirit, and listen to His advice, He teaches us what we are doing that is making us sick and what to do in order to walk in health.


God wants only the best for us; and He will lead us to read articles or books, to meet people and learn wisdom from them in order to help us to overcome our negative lifestyle in our habits, thoughts, words and deeds. Then we can enjoy a life complete in Christ, just like clockwork (Colossians 2:10).



Father God, we are more wondrously and intricately made than we ever realized (Psalm 139:14). Our body is inter-related and inter-connected with the same precision as our solar system; each part intricately dependent on each other part to function at optimal level. Lead us to the functional medical practitioners that will truly help us to heal, rather than incorrectly prescribing medication that may remove a symptom, but ultimately cause side-effects which will complicate our bad health.


Teach us to eat foods in the ways that You designed for us, in as pure an environment as we can attain on this sin-cursed earth. Ultimately, however, we place our trust in Your Spirit within us to lead us to reduce illness, repair bodily functions and walk in ultimate mental, emotional and spiritual health until You see fit to take us home. We look forward to our reunion with You in Heaven (Psalm 116:15).


Thought for the Day:

Jesus spent His last three years on earth traversing through cities and villages; teaching, preaching the Kingdom of God, healing sickness and disease; and having compassion for the multitudes of weary masses who were scattered without a shepherd. – Matthew 9:35-36



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Overcoming Discouragement

In this world of unrest, eminent financial collapse, uncertainty and abuse, there is little to encourage us. Many hearts fail them for fear and they resort to suicide (Luke 21:26), which is nothing more than a permanent solution for a temporary problem.


Jesus gave us the best solution for the fear and anxiety if life. He advised us not to allow our heart to be troubled, but to put our hope and belief in Him (John 14:1).


He is not only preparing a permanent dwelling place for us (John 14:2), He also gives us His Peace (John 14:27). His peace transcends our circumstances and removes our stress over life.


God manifests His glory in our life in so many ways. They are often so subtle and unobtrusive that we take them for granted and never really recognize them.


Our answered prayers are contributed to coincidence or we do not even realize that He answered them. Little hugs, which God gives us throughout our day, go unnoticed.


The shape of a cloud, numbers on the clock, a bird’s song, a cool breeze at just the right moment, a stranger’s smile, a sale at the grocer, an encouraging note from a friend are all hugs from God.


God floods our life with light in the darkness all around us; yet, we continue to focus on the darkness and allow it to rob us of our joy in the Lord (John 1:5; 1 John 1:7).


Focusing on the truth of God’s Word will keep us in peace as we live life one moment at a time. I ask myself, “How am I doing in this one moment of time?” “Truly blessed”, is my usual assessment. No worries…just be happy in the Lord.



Father God, even in trials and tribulation, we can count even trials as joyous, because we are learning patience, which will eventually perfect us (James 1:2-3; John 17:22-23). If we keep our focus on our trying circumstances, fears and world issues, our hearts fail us (Proverbs 3:5-6). Yet, if we change our thoughts to focus on You, You keep us in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3).


Help us to watch for Your little hugs throughout the day, so that we can be assured of Your love as they comfort us in whatever situation we are experiencing at the time. Remind us to spread Your love, encouragement and joy to everyone we meet during each of Your divine appointments.


Thought for the Day:

Jesus, the Light of the world, continually shines in our life.

– John 1:5-9





The Color of Noise

Scientists discovered that there are “colors of noise” in our world. They are separated by their spectral density over different frequencies of sound. (


It starts with White noise, which has equal amount of energy in all frequency bands. Then it proceeds through the spectrum of colors to Black noise, which refers to silence with occasional spikes of sound.


Every band of White noise has equal energy per cycle and is completely flat. It is synonymous with white light. It has the ability to cut through the background noises and promote sleep; yet it can also produce percussive noises such at cymbals and drums.


Black noise is White noise that is silent, and can be defined as pure silence or negative noise.


Green noise is mid-point of the White-Black noise spectrum. It is the background noises in the world in which we live. It is averaged over a long length of time in several outdoor sites around our world.


Pink noise has equal bands that get proportionately wider. It is the same as our human hearing and has the same energy as the octave above and below it. It is useful in testing amplifiers and loudspeakers, radiation output and DNA sequences.


Red/Brown noise (Brownian noise) sounds like a low roar and is used in climatology to describe regime shifts.


Blue noise is at the other end of the spectrum from Brownian noise. Our retinal cells are arranged in Blue noise patterns and they provide good visual resolution. Violet noise increases per octave over the frequency range and can mask high frequencies, which helps many tinnitus sufferers.


Grey noise helps when noise occurs in both high and low frequencies, but very little in the range of normal human hearing. It is useful in studying hearing difficulties and differences from the normal range of human hearing.


Orange noise has a few bands eliminated entirely and reveals sound that is off key and out of tune, because it is not exact musical notes.


In a world where even light makes noise, we are called upon to adjust our “headphones” to hear only the voice of God. We block out all of the fleshly, worldly and satanic static in the chaos of life swirling all around us.


We rise above the dissonance of our concerns and we enter a new realm of the peace and joy, being led only by the Spirit of God. The full power of Christ’s divine nature infuses the body, soul and spirit of each authentic Believer (John 8:12).




Father God, awaken our sleepy soul and raise us from spiritual apathy and death. Remind us that Christ lives as a light within us, showing us the way You would have us to walk in this world. Help us to pay attention to how we live, so that we use Your wisdom in all that we say and do.


Remind us to make the most of the time You give us and not to foolishly use it for our own selfish gains. Help us to hear the way in which we should walk and to lift up our soul to You alone (Psalm 143:8). Show us Your will for our life and help us to keep in step with Your Spirit (Ephesians 5:14-17). Teach us to block out all the “colors of noise” bombarding us, and how to give You our direct attention through each moment of our life.


Thought for the Day:

Let us live life in full awareness of the immense potential available to us though our union with Christ; every negative circumstance, which life throws at us, can be overcome by faith in God through Christ within us.

Pure and Undefiled Religion

Too often we “play” church and treat it like a cruise ship rather than a battleship. We like to socialize with our friends and make new friends who will treat us nicely and care about us.


Yet, we waste our time on the flesh and the world, which makes us too busy to serve in church ministries, to care for the sick and infirmed in our church family, or to reach out into our community to make a friend and lead them to Christ.


When the offering plate comes around, we give God a tip from the change in our pocket rather than to give a tithe of our income, and we feel no remorse when we fail to give in the benevolence offering to help the needy in our church family and community.


We will not even bring canned goods to donate to the food bank in our area, or to join service organizations in our community who help to serve those less fortunate than we are.


We ignore those who are aliens in our community, who move here to find work to support their family; not knowing that if we did care for the needy, God could bless us in all the works which we find for our hands to do (Deuteronomy 14:29).


Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is to take care of orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep our self from being polluted by the world (James 1:27).


We can help the poor by meeting their need for food, shelter and clothing (1 Timothy 6:8); aid the widows by meeting their medical bills and doing chores that overwhelm them; and we can visit the imprisoned (Job 31:16; Matthew 25:36).


We can give Christmas presents to children at local group homes, take some of them to our home for monthly visits or out on a picnic, or we can take them to the pizza parlor for supper once a month (Job 31:17).


The possibilities for ministry in our church family and out in our community are endless, and ignoring these needs is unconscionable and despicable in the sight of the Lord (Matthew 7:24).



Father God, help us to learn to do good, to seek justice, to defend the orphan and to plead the case for our widows (Isaiah 1:17). Teach us to reprove the ruthless who take bribes or look for a reward for their service (Isaiah 1:23). Remind us that when we clothe the naked, care for the sick and visit the imprisoned, we do it as our ministry to You (Matthew 25:36).


We do not want to live as hearers of Your Word only, but we want to put feet to our faith and to earn our righteous rewards by keeping Your law and serving our church family and community (James 1:22; Romans 2:13). Let us prove our faith in You by our works for You (James 2:14).


Thought for the Day:

The Lord protects strangers, supports single mom’s and their children, and cares for the needs of widows; but He resists the wicked and thwarts those who “play” church rather than minister to the needy in their community. Let us join Him in His Kingdom work. – Psalm 146:9


God’s Inner Peace Leads Us



God designed us with His perfect will in mind for our life (Ephesians 2:10). It always starts with salvation through Christ, through which we receive eternal life starting at that moment of our true repentance (John 6:40).


Then, He calls us to a life of holiness to exhibit His glory in the earth (1 Peter 1:15). He teaches us patience through the events which we suffer (James 1:4-8). We gain contentment as He fills us with His joy and teaches us to pray without ceasing – full of gratitude for all of His provision (Philippians 4:12; John 14:27).


Slowly but consistently, God’s Spirit conforms us to His Son’s image, and we join Him as the family of God (Romans 8:29). We grow closer in our union with Him through every difficulty and blessing which He brings our way.


Entering into His will through our faith in Christ Jesus, we continue on His plan for our life through each decision we make. We hear His Spirit direct us in the minutest details of our day; telling us to turn to our right or to our left (Isaiah 30:21).


The key in this walk is to make time to listen to God’s Spirit within us, to repent of any sin He reveals in us, and not to ignore or argue with His direction for our day. Our Heavenly Father knows best.


This requires that we slow down the busyness of our schedule and to listen to His peaceful, quiet voice within us (Isaiah 30:15). Fulfillment is our reward when we seek the prize of the high calling of God, and purpose to do His will with our life rather than our own (Philippians 3:14).



Father God, Your Holy Spirit beckons us to follow Your will and to accomplish Your works with our life in this world (Ephesians 2:10). We often stray from Your perfect plan – drawn away by enticing situations and emergencies which compete for our attention (James 1:14).


Remind us to follow Your peace in every situation, regardless of the analytical, human thoughts in our mind (Proverbs 3:5-6). Help us to establish a daily quiet time, with continual spurts of attention given to Your direction all day long. When we follow Your advice on which way to turn, we never take the wrong road (Isaiah 30:21).


Thought for the Day:

God’s guiding voice calls to us each moment of our day, but we can only hear it as we quiet the voices of the flesh, the world and the devil within us, and acknowledge God’s will for every moment of our day. – Proverbs 3:5-6

Sitting Quietly at Jesus’ Feet

Sitting quietly at Jesus’ feet is a tremendously healing endeavor. We cease from our labors and listen to His voice, feel His hand stroking our head, breathing in unison with Him as He listens to our troubles and trials, and receives our praise.


His presence fills us with His peace and joy in spite of circumstances. His ministry to our spirit by His Spirit makes a lasting impression on our soul as He calms the raging sea within our thoughts and emotions.


It is easier to keep busy than to sit quietly and still. We rush headlong into life and ignore the deep recesses of our soul that need healing; but these unresolved conflicts tear us down every day for the rest of our life – until we are willing to sit quietly and listen to our soul.


We feel vulnerable when too much of our inner self is exposed to the light of day. Satan’s condemnation, the world’s expectations and the negative self-talk in us from years of input by significant others in our life, make us uncomfortable with confronting our fears and insecurities.


It is important to pause during the day to prop up our feet, drink a cup of tea, do a craft, watch a wholesome show or movie, play a video game, paint a picture, learn a musical instrument, etc. This gives our soul a much needed chance to play and experience a time of abandon and creativity.


Proven scientific studies show that meditation decreases our negative attitudes and neurosis, as well as increases our feelings of control and security. Meditating on God’s Word heals these psychosomatic issues and decreases their effects on our life.


God’s Spirit is sanctifying our soul little by little and day by day. Our carnality is decreasing so that He may increase in us and through us. We do not attempt to perfect our self (Galatians 3:1-3), but we surrender to God’s work within us (Romans 8).


We pray without ceasing by consulting God each moment of our day (Proverbs 3:5-6) and we walk in the Spirit rather than fulfilling the former, diminishing, carnal desires of our flesh (Galatians 5:15-25; Colossians 3:3-4). We live in victory and fulfillment with His ceaseless peace and joy.



Father God, You draw us to Your heart through our wounds, scars and brokenness. You accomplish Your most powerful miracles through those of us who turn toward You in our weakness, rather than blaming You and turning away from You in our distress. You plant a seed for a miracle in every trial.


You use our brokenness to prove Your love for us and that You are sovereign in our life. You call us by name and give us treasures from our darkness and riches in the midst of the secret places of grief in our soul (Isaiah 45:3). Thank You for setting us free from worldly concerns and for reminding us to stay focused on You and Your will throughout our day.


Thought for the Day:

When we walk in the power and anointing of Christ in us and fulfill God’s will for our life, we see the lasting fruit both of God’s sanctifying work in our soul and of our spiritual endeavors in the lives of those God brings into our life; this causes us to rejoice constantly in God’s faithfulness and goodness.



Darkness Hates the Light

Today’s news reported that a professor flunked a student for their Christian stance in a school project. The world hates the Light more and more violently nowadays, because it reveals the density of their darkness.

Since Christ lives in His Saints, the world hates us too (John 15:18). They say that we disturb their peace. In other words, just seeing our name or hearing our voice convicts them of their sin; so they despise us.

We do not even need to say a word, just our presence sets their teeth on edge and boils the acid in their stomach. They want to remove us from their presence in hopes of ignoring their own conscience.

They surround themselves with like-minded people; so they do not experience the intensity of conviction, which they feel when they are around us. They will even put space and distance between them and a family member who is filled with God’s Spirit.

God’s Light offends them because its brightness infringes on their comfort in their darkness. Their thoughts, opinions, values, goals and behavior deny Christ with every fiber of their being.

However, this does not negate the fact that He still exists. The unbeliever can kill every last Christian on the face of the earth, but creation will still scream His name and proclaim His glory (Romans 1:20).

In the end, their knee will bow along with everyone else on the earth, and in heaven and in hell (Philippians 2:10). Christ will prevail regardless of how much will power they exude in their attempt to stop Him.

Father God, those who love darkness want to hide their shameful thoughts and deeds from the Light (Job 24:16). Some of them left conservative paths to walk in their shady conduct (Proverbs 2:13). They live in deception and refuse to seek You in any way (Jeremiah 9:6).

Thank You for bringing us into the light of Your glory and teaching us to walk in Your Truth (John 3:21). We want nothing to do with the fruit of darkness (Ephesians 5:11-13). Help us to reach those in darkness who have a sincere desire for Your truth. For those hardened in their sin, strengthen their inner being to accept Christ through Your Spirit (Ephesians 3:16).

Thought for the Day:
Jesus is and always will be the King of all kings and Lord of all lords; the only way, truth and life; and the Light of the world.
– 1 Timothy 6:15; John 8:12, 14:6

Practical Faith

How can faith be practical as well as spiritual? When we get into our car and turn on the ignition, we have faith that the motor will start and take us to our desired location.

If we previously had trouble with our car starting, we still attempt to start the car, hoping beyond hope that the engine will turn over and the car will transport us to our destination.

This is how faith works in the spiritual realm as well. We hear the gospel story, and we realize the potential we could have in life if our spirit was actually Born Again rather than dead in sin (Ephesians 2:1; Romans 8:10).

We put our faith in God to fill us by His Spirit, to regenerate our spirit and to save us from the penalty of our sins. It is more than blind faith, because we see the results of our belief in changes in our desires, thoughts, words and deeds.

This change is not affected by sheer will power or human determination. It is a spiritual change that has nothing to do with our body or soul (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

It is something, which God does for us. It is a walk of faith, which does not depend on our human understanding or effort (Proverbs 3:5-6; 2 Corinthians 5:7; Ephesians 2:8-9).

We cannot be good enough, wise enough, rich enough or powerful enough to earn our way to heaven. It is a gift from God just for us (Romans 6:23).

God’s Spirit empowers us in the same way that the engine empowers the car. The power in the car energizes a dead hunk of steel into immediate life; and the Holy Spirit revives our dead spirit to live, move and have our being in Christ both now and for eternity (Acts 17:28).

Our life bears fruit for the Kingdom of God and our attitude and thoughts change from carnal to spiritual ones. The peace and joy of God flood our life.

We leave the world of dark, destruction, influenced by sin and Satan’s lies; and we enter the brilliant light of Christ, our ultimate Truth.

Father God, thank You for planting our feet firmly on the Rock of Christ, so that neither temptation from the devil nor the storms of life can shake the bedrock of our foundation on Your Word and Your Spirit.

You removed the weight of sin from our shoulders by the righteousness of Christ, which You freely provide for us. Thank You for revealing to us by Your Spirit what Christ actually did for us on the cross, and how this revolutionizes how we view life and the activities we enjoy both now and in eternity.

Thought for the Day:
Faith in Christ impacts our daily life now, as well as determines our eternal destination; it is practical and influences the peace and joy in which we live our life.