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As a person with low self-esteem, no personal value, and lost in this big, scarey world, I struggled much of my life with fear and insecurity. This blog is a roadmap of the journey my life took to find fulfillment...kat

Four Varieties of Hearts

green grassland


God’s people share His Word with anyone who will listen. These seeds fall on four different types of hearts. It is our responsibility to witness, but God does not hold us accountable for the other person’s response.


We sow, and God gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:7). Some hearts are like a dry, earthen pathway and Satan easily steals away the seeds that we attempt to plant. Other hearts are as hard as stone, and the seeds spring up, but the roots are not deep, so the cares of life parch them.


Then we have hearts that are overgrown with thorny underbrush, which crowds out the new plants, and they produce no fruit at all. However, some hearts are fertile, and ready to hear God’s gospel of salvation, and they produce fruit (Mark 4:14-20).


If our heart does not have room for the roots of the gospel to flourish, we cannot bear fruit. Only in the fertile heart can the plant take hold and grow to full maturity. An evangelical, Bible teaching church provides these hearts with a perfect environment.


Many churches are barren wastelands with nothing nutritious to offer the Believer. They focus on providing glitz and glitter to attract people, and then they supply only spiritual junk food, rather than wholesome provisions.


The only way to withstand the winds of adversity or the scorching trials and temptations we encounter on this earth is to have our roots sunk deeply into our union with Jesus Christ who wants to abide within us and to walk with us through life.



Father God, once we receive Your Word with conviction and repentance, we are ready to receive the proper nourishment. You raise up an army of teachers with every generation – those who faithfully sow the seeds of the truth of Your Word. You cause a hunger to blossom in our heart to search for and to find a disciple-making church.


Provide us with teachers who share Your Word after seeking You in prayer. Lead us to a caring and loving fellowship of Believers. Even in these end times, we thank You for keeping a remnant of these spiritual places where we can go and feast upon Biblical principles and in turn bear much fruit for Your Kingdom.


Thought for the Day:

A true relationship with the Living and Holy God is not a one-time event or a single prayer; it is a lifetime commitment that starts with a heart ready to receive His Word of Truth and to walk in His ways by the power of His Spirit, which guides us each moment of the day.



LOVE Connection

creek in between mountains covered with pine trees at daytime


As humans we connect in several ways: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. We bond with different people in different areas. Some people are not Born Again, and we are not able to relate with them spiritually.


Others are not able to attach emotionally, and our unity is limited. We are deprived by them of the emotional intimacy that we crave. They may put barriers between us emotionally, because they are easily wounded, and our assertiveness violates their boundaries.


We can spend hours with them and still feel empty. There is no emotional significance between us. They do not respond to us, sense who we are or what we need, or connect to our perspective. We are not in tune with one another.


We have no deep connection that nurtures love and relationship. We never feel like we are completely seen, heard or understood by them. This disconnect may affect us mentally and physically as well, because we lack a relationship at the deepest level of who we are.


Harmony and significance are important in our ability to bond with someone; otherwise, we drop between the cracks and feel unloved. We may attempt to improve that connection, but it is never genuine or fulfilling. We doubt our self, so we strive to change our self to be more lovable.


The real issue here is to realize that we are a person too. We can continue to have a superficial relationship with this person, if that is what they prefer. We cannot change them or influence them in any way that helps them to meet our needs.


They may try for a while, but then revert back to their true self. Neither do we neglect our true self in the process, but we do not put undue expectations or pressure on the one that erects walls between us; that is their way of coping with life.


We continue to love that person, and we meet them where they are, on their own terms. However, we can also form other friendships that are more fulfilling for us, and we ultimately look to God for that deep intimacy that we crave and need in order to be fulfilled.



Father God, we can relate to the fact that people are wounded by the events in their childhood and early adulthood, and they are only able to love us in their own way. We hope that these wounded people will eventually find healing for their soul and love us completely; however, this may never happen. Help us to be satisfied with that relationship by meeting them on their own level.


Yet, also help us to find fulfilling relationships with people that are more willing and able to be vulnerable and to choose to love us with our own love language. Teach us that You are the true lover of our soul, and we come to You each moment of the day for Your peace, joy, love and guidance. Teach us how to draw our real fulfillment from our relationship with You.


Thought for the Day:

We live in harmony with others, accepting them as they are for who they are; but we do not deprive our self of what we need, because we are a person too; and by developing our intimate union with Christ in us, we allow His love to fill our heart and to flow through us to the world around us.


Hope in Tribulation


water falls near green trees


Our trials have far-reaching effects; some that we never realized could happen, and some we will never know about until we get to heaven. Our attitude in them and through them will inspire other people in their walk with the Lord (Philippians 1:14).


Trials are not really obstacles, but opportunities to have faith in God’s faithfulness, and to uncover the seed for a miracle, which He plants within each issue that we face. They are truly blessings in disguise.


Our new life in Christ is a bed full of sweet smelling roses, but each stem of our walk is full of prickly thorns. Jesus exhorted us to expect tribulation in this world, but to be encouraged, because His presence in us helps us to overcome.


Jesus already overcame the world (John 16:33). His power and wisdom see us through every negative incident. Even Job received multiple blessings that far surpassed the horrid trials that he experienced.


The dear apostle Paul suffered shipwreck, beatings, jail cells, pursuit by persecutors who wanted to end his life, abuse, etc. (2 Corinthians 11:24-25). Paul endured his troubles by changing his focus from his miserable conditions to God’s promises (Romans 8:18).


Paul learned the secret of rejoicing through His tribulation. He even sang praises to God while chained in a Roman prison (Acts 16:16-40). His faith in and love for God barely waivered in the face of debilitating difficulties. He learned abiding contentment (Philippians 4:11-12).



Father God, Your Word teaches us that after Satan attempted to sift Peter like wheat, he would be able to strengthen the church by his testimony and the lessons he learned (Luke 22:31-32). Thank You for helping us to shift our focus from our trial to our testimony. We all know people whose lives are a witness to Your power in spite of their troubles.


Help us to change our attitude and our focus from the events in our life to Your provision in spite of them. We do not want our faith in You or our love for You to waiver in the face of difficulties. Teach us not to be discouraged when we encounter difficulties, because You use complications to test our faith, to strengthen us for future trials, and to prove that Your grace is sufficient to sustain us (2 Corinthians 12:9).


Thought for the Day:

Some people mistakenly believe that God promises never to give us more trials than we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:12-13); however, this promise actually refers to temptations; God will allow us to experience overwhelming trials that force us to run to Him for our deliverance (John 16:33).


God’s Creative Plans

wormseye view of trees under blue sky


The forest and glades and glens, the sky, the oceans and ponds and streams and rivers, as well as the people and creatures that dwell in them, are all part of God’s plan to attest to the fact that they did not form from slime, but by the will of our creative Father God.


All of creation points us to God’s eternal power and divine nature (Romans 1:20). However, so many people buy into the lie of evolution, which incidentally has a major hole in its make-up. It is still a theory, now mistakenly accepted as a fact.


These same people claim not to believe in God; however, they are so quick to blame God for the trials and trouble in their individual life. They fail to see God’s mercy, and they criticize His methods of judgment.


Many view God as a tyrant who takes delight in punishing us and sending us to hell. They rail accusations at Him and blame His people for all of the ills and injustices in the world. They say that they would rather party in hell with their friends than spend eternity with a bunch of hypocrites like Believers.


If they spent any time ingesting God’s Word, they would find out the actual truth that God never condemns anyone (John 3:17). It is our own unbelief, which condemns us (John 3:18). God does not want anyone to spend eternity outside of His presence (2 Peter 3:9).


This fact alone changes the course of any life humble enough to accept the truth of it. Our good works cannot save us (Ephesians 2:8-9). Only belief in and on the name of Jesus can do that (Acts 16:31). He is waiting for you right now.



Father God, thank You for Your mercy on all of those who believe in Your truth. You are a good, good Father, and we are loved by You. We pray for those who turn a cold shoulder to Your Truth. They do not realize that hypocrites will be in hell with them too. You would improve their quality of life if they would only trust in You. Even the heavens declare Your glory, and the skies proclaim the work of Your hands (Psalm 19:1).


People have no excuse not to put their faith in You, because ever since You created time, space, matter and humanity, we all can clearly see Your invisible qualities in Your creation (Romans 1:20). The universe is filled with evidence of Your glory. It is as abundant as the waters, which cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). You reward every authentic Believer according to what our deeds deserve, but You judge only those who choose to live in unbelief.


Thought for the Day:

Even though God’s light came into the world, people choose to dwell in darkness instead, because their thoughts, words and actions are evil and they hate the light; they will not abide in God’s truth, because they love carnality and they prefer to live in sin.

– John 3:19-21

A Whole New World

calm body of water


When we submit our pride and prejudices to God, and accept Jesus’ redeeming work on the cross as our own, a whole new world opens up for us. Our spirit is no longer dead in sin, but alive in Christ and justified before God.


We admit by grace through faith our need for a Savior, and accept the fact that Jesus is the only way to God (Ephesians 2:8). God gives us His mercy and we present our whole body, soul and spirit to Him as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).


This is reasonable for God to expect from us as we follow the guidance of His Spirit to live a holy life that is satisfactory to God. This allows the Holy Spirit to transform us by renewing our mind and leading us to walk in the perfect will of God for us (Romans 12:2).


Our former unbalanced, self-centered and myopic thinking is sanctified by God’s Spirit from one stage of glory to the next. He justifies us, and we are no longer in bondage to our flesh, the world and the devil (Romans 6:22).


We look forward to the glories of heaven and to the Spirit glorifying us with an immortal body for eternity (1 John 3:2). Conformed to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29), we begin to walk worthy of His calling on our life (Ephesians 4:1).


We are hungry for God’s Word, the Bread of Life; thirsty for His Living Water, so that we will thirst no more; and eager to fellowship with other Believers in our local church. We communicate with our Father God each moment of the day.


God gives us a new life, as a new creation, and everything we formerly believed about life changes from a carnal perspective to a holy one. We consult Him every moment and walk in the center of His will for us (Proverbs 3:5-6).



As we draw nearer to You each day of our life, You fill us with Your peace that transcends anything that life on this earth has to offer to us. We have a whole new way of positive thinking and our goals change from finite ones to spiritual pursuits (Philippians 4:7-8, 2:12-13).


Your joy supplies our strength, Your love cascades over us like a waterfall, and Your peace sustains us through every trial we experience. You open doors for us that no one can close. We look forward to eternity in Your presence forevermore.


Thought for the Day:

God set us free from bondage to sin and gave us new life in Christ as His new creation; He enables us to shed double-minded thoughts and to walk a balanced life with singleness of purpose, totally surrendered to God’s will in everything that we think, say and do.

– James 1:8



Who is Really in Control

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What does it mean to fear the Lord? Do we quake in our boots, walk on eggshells, adhere to a strict set of prohibitions, etc.?  Not at all. We fear God by giving Him the reverence, respect, and adoration due to His name, regardless of our circumstances.


We recognize that God is Almighty and there is no other like Him (Jeremiah 10:6). As authentic Believers, we have no need to be afraid of God or His judgment. Of course, He does discipline those who belong to Him, but that is only to keep us safe.


Without His correction, we would suffer trauma by reaping what we sow in our carnality, immaturity and mistakes. We often hesitate to submit to the Lord. We want the power to choose, and we revel in our ability to make our own decisions according to our goal and desires.


However, we this gives us no control over life, because only He has that power. Our true freedom comes when we realize that our salvation, perfection and provision come from our Father God. All the influence, wisdom, and authority in this world are His.


We reap the benefits of His grace. He is the chief Potter and we are simply a lump of clay in His hands. Fear to trust in an unseen God is often the root of our rebellion and lack of desire to fully surrender to God’s Love. We think that we are in control.


Yet, nothing less than total commitment and trust in our Father God will allow us to walk in the fruit of a blessed life that God has planned for us (Jeremiah 29:11). In Christ, we access His influence, insight, strength, peace and joy regardless of our trials.


God is not our magic Genie, created to do our bidding. If we want our own way, we will be disappointed every time we pray. Yet, as we accept His will and way, we find a deeper sense of peace, joy, love and fulfillment than we ever thought possible on this side of Heaven.



Father God, few people in modern society are willing to capitulate the authority over their life to another being – especially one that they cannot see or hear, or consider archaic and unnecessary. They see the example of so-called Christians who flounder around in their life and suffer the consequences of their choices just like they do, and they have no reason to trust in You.


Teach us that our free will to choose comes from You, but it is our greatest weakness. You give us both the desire and the power to walk out our own salvation (Philippians 2:12-13). As Your divine possessions, we ultimately give You control, just as You are in control of all of life in heaven and on earth, and we live as a testimony to Your power in a human life.


Thought for the Day:

We often fear the idea of trusting in what God will require of us, or where He will expect us to go; however, once we tire of insisting that we retain control of our own life, we are amazed at how God uses us and what He provides for us in order to accomplish His will for and through our life.


A Good Marriage – Respect and Cherishing

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A husband’s greatest need is to receive respect from his wife, and a wife’s greatest need is to feel cherished by her husband; so as we meet one another’s needs, our bond of love and unity will increase rather than to diminish over the years.


One of the best attributes in a good marriage is kindness. When this virtue is present, we go out of our way to show compassion and benevolence to one another. We consider each other’s needs above our own, and we prefer our mate over our self.


This does not imply that we neglect our self, or constantly enable our mate by depriving our self. Kindness is a give and take proposition where the same person does not always do the giving while the other does all the taking.


God created marriage as a union between two individuals that actually becomes one flesh (Genesis 2:23; Mark 10:8-9­). He gives us His Agape love for each other, and we grow more comfortable in our union as the years of our marriage progress.


At times, we may feel tired, worried, frustrated, overlooked, neglected, unappreciated or afraid, and we may tend to speak curtly or with a grouchy attitude. This is a clue for our spouse to help us to search for the cause of our negative emotions, to show compassion for us, and to pour out God’s love toward us.


We do not condemn, condescend, criticize or belittle each other in our words, attitude or actions. We listen to one another, and we share in every decision. We lift each other up above the world’s crass treatment of us, and we make our home a haven for one another that we enjoy together.


This practice allows us to help our mate in their inner struggles, and to attempt to improve the situation by helping to alleviate their stress, or by giving them a listening ear. Together we take the matter to God in prayer, because praying in unity is paramount for a successful relationship.



Father God, fill us with the fruit of Your Spirit by teaching us to surrender our dreams, plans and goals to Your will. Replace our selfish, carnal character traits with Your deep and abiding love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, meekness, self-control and faith (Galatians 5:22-23). Remind us that we are Your emissaries in this life and that Your will is our overriding priority.


As we walk in Your Spirit, we will not fulfill the lusts of our flesh (Galatians 5:15-25). We will lay down our life for our mate and for Your Body as we reap the benefits of Your amazing Agape love. You, our King, died for us; and the least we can do is to lay down our life for one another. We praise You, and we give You all of the praise and glory due to Your name.


Thought for the Day:

In a good marriage, we rejoice when our mate rejoices, and we share his/her burdens with empathy and concern, because we sincerely care about each other, and we honestly want what is best for our mate as well as for our self.

– Romans 12:15