The Lord is Our Helper

We need a helper from time to time along life’s highway. There is only one Being who is always faithful, always available, always nurturing and compassionate, and never ever fails us (Hebrew 13:5-6).

He is our awesome Daddy God, Creator, Sustainer, Author and Finisher of our faith, etc. His love is always patient, kind, unselfish and not self-seeking, not prideful, not easily offended or angered, keeps no record of wrong, and never delights in evil.

His love always protects us, is worthy of our trust, gives us eternal hope and is always faithful (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). His love forgives our multitude of sin, and keeps us on the straight and narrow road, in order to protect us from harm.

Our Father God bears with us, comforts us and embraces us in His everlasting arms. He rejoices when we walk in His truth, as well as when we speak His truth to others and to ourselves. He teaches us that we can do, through Christ, His Son, all things that He created us to do (Ephesians 2:10).

Jesus lives within us by His Spirit, providing all the power of the entire triune Godhead for us to utilize as we need His help with a task, guidance to walk in His will, and protection to keep us safe. These truths always inspire assurance in our heart.


Father God, Your love does not depend on our thoughts, choices or emotions. You freely shower Your affection and protection on all of Your Saints. You created us as human beings, and You have the patience to wait as our character grows through the encouragement of Your love. Therefore, I can do my best and leave the rest up to You.

You teach us that when we give in to Satan’s temptation to give up on our self, You are in our corner believing in our success. Help us to read Your Word, to delight in each thought it reveals, to allow it to divide between our flesh and our spirit in order to make us holy, and to help us to share Your Truth with everyone that we meet.

Thought for the Day:

God loves our humanity, because He made us as mere mortals; we may make mistakes, but God’s love is not contingent upon our works; although He calls us to reach for perfection, He knows that without His grace this goal is impossible for us to achieve on our own.

– Ephesians 2:8-10

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