Recovering from Grief

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We all experience times of grief in this sin-filled life. We reap the consequences of choices that we make, or a choice made by a person of influence over us, and we suffer a loss. We consider this as unfair; and at times, we even blame God for allowing these events to occur.

We grow angry, bitter, skeptical, pessimistic and wary. These attitudes hinder us from finding our way through our grief and healing our inner wounds, especially if we hibernate to our self and meditate on the negative experience that happened to us.

Changing our focus about the event(s), and finding alternative methods of behavior will facilitate a quicker resolution. We never forget the grief, but it no longer hobbles us to the past. Over time, the intensity of the pain can diminish, and we will recover a little more each day.

Fear and remorse from the past will cripple our future, but courageously facing our future will give us the strength to live each current moment with God’s Trinity within us. He has perfect plans for our life, and it makes sense for us to discover them (Ephesians 2:10).

We are a person too, and we can ask God to teach us ways to minister to our needs in the same way that we help others. Serving others brings us joy, as it blesses them, and it lightens the burdens that we all share.

We find JOY by serving:

Focusing on what we lost will only set up a negative spiral of emotions, behavior and events in our future. However, changing our focus to what we still have, as well as to what God provides for us each new day, will strengthen us and give us joy.

Entertaining positive attitudes give us more peace and energy to face the future, especially if we serve God with our whole mind, heart, choices and strength (Mark 12:30). Walking in the center of God’s will for us guarantees our success.

Father God, each day, and especially during times of loss and grief, You always send ministering “angels” into our life to comfort and fortify our soul. Remind us that we can find the fortitude we need to climb out of our pit of despair by reading and meditating on Your Word, fellowshipping with Your Body, and hearing Your Word preached in classes and sermons.

By this, we find answers to our questions, hope for our future, and healing from our past. We find comfort in Your loving presence within us. Our recovery increases our union and deepens our relationship with Your Spirit who abides within us. Weeping may plague us during our darkest hours, but Your joy is always waiting for us in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

Thought for the Day:
Some of the alternative activities that we can participate in to relieve our grief are simply common sense. A few we will have no interest in trying, but some of them may peak our interest:
1. Biking, walking, jogging, strolling in nature
2. Adopting a pet, caring for an elderly relative or neighbor, joining a service organization in our area
3. Making a “bucket list” of activities that we always wanted to try and doing one thing at a time
4. Going back to school to finish our degree, pursuing a new career choice, volunteering at community or church outreaches
5. Searching our soul to discover what will help us to positively face each new day
6. Spending concentrated time maturing spiritually and walking in God’s Spirit’s direction for our life

2 thoughts on “Recovering from Grief

    • Thank you for your encouragement. These are thing that I have personally experienced, or that God taught me through His Word. Thank you for taking the time to comment… kat

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