Our Amazing God

pink flower plants


Each new morning marks the beginning of the rest of our life. What we make of it is our choice. We can either live it according to: (1.) our own goals and plans, or (2.) in the will of God for us. The first choice causes many frustrating and sometimes devastating issues to arise during our day.


The second choice gives us God’s peace and joy to help us rise above any circumstance that occurs. We plug into the resources that God always supplies for us, we advance beyond any normal human endeavors, and we enter into the supernatural realm.


Our life adopts a significance that only comes from the Trinity of God within us, because He gives us eternal life. Eternal life on this earth is knowing God personally, enjoying the power of Christ working in and through us, and living by the guidance and comfort of His Holy Spirit (John 17:3).


Living in this eternal flow through each moment of our life changes the process and the outcome of everything that we experience – those issues that we can change, and those over which we have no control. We perceive a shift in our paradigm, world view, and thought processes.


The issues of this life are no longer any concern for us. Yes, part of our soul and body may experience discomfort, fear, panic attacks, nausea, stress, trauma, etc. over the circumstances, because we are human; however, we can quickly change our focus by repeating the words, “Father, I believe, so help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24).


Changing our focus about our troubles will enable us to impact the difficulties that we can influence, and to put the rest in the heart of God to care for in His perfect timing and way. Godly serenity saturates our thoughts and emotions, and we live a productive life for God’s Kingdom.



Father God, thank You for constantly intervening in our life to work out everything for our ultimate good (Romans 8:2), and for Your presence that is always working in and through us. Remind us that when we trust You with our life, people see a difference in us, when they compare us to those who depend on human wisdom and resources for their success. “God things” occur in our life, which have no natural explanation.


We want to please You by abiding in Your presence and living by faith in You. We depend on Your manifestation and power in our life for our very existence. Thank you for redirecting our focus, thoughts, and emotions toward the essence of what really matters in this life, so that we do not get side-tracked or bogged down in the mire of this earthly realm. We will look for the seeds for a miracle, which You plant within every trial.


Thought for the Day:

When we believe that God exists, and that He always rewards us when we seek Him for His plans for each moment of our day, we encounter miracles that cannot be explained in human terms; we find comfort in prayer – communicating our honest feelings to God, knowing that He really does care about us.

– Hebrews 11:6; Psalm 62:8; 1 Peter 5:7

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