Union with Christ


bird flying under the sky


Living in union with the Spirit of God is in direct opposition to the philosophy of this world. It is also a concept that few people understand or attempt to pursue. God wants us to experience unbroken fellowship and unity with Him each moment of our day.


We can make our plans from a sacred or a secular viewpoint. The earthly issues clamor for our attention, driven by satanic forces which disguise themselves as important and imperative. Day-to-day activities crowd out any desire to increase our intimacy with God.


Busyness almost forces us to relegate our worship of God to one hour a week, to neglect God’s Word, and to forget to pray without ceasing. At times, guilt may prompt us to establish a more spiritual routine, but events in life often sidetrack us from that commitment.


Finding a balance in our mindset is impossible until we get off the merry-go-round of life, and choose instead to increase our unity with God (Romans 7, 8, 9). This takes the conflict out of the equation and we do everything for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31).


Even what we eat and drink, our to-do list, our scheduled events, our efforts at work and at home change drastically. We totally surrender to God’s plans for us in all areas of our life, and the conflict in our soul ceases. We live in peace and find more joy even in the mundane aspects of our life.


True union with Christ allows us to commune with God during each aspect of every moment of every day. Even the unexpected or frustrating events that we encounter take on new meaning when we view them from God’s perspective.



Father God, show us how to submit to You in our role as a spouse, parent, employer/employee, homemaker, community member, part of Your church family, neighbor, etc. Teach us to view spiritual disciplines as part of every area of our life. We want to live, move and have our entire being in You, so that our whole life is an act of worship and unity with You (Acts 17:28).


Help us to follow the leading of Your Spirit in everything that we say and do, rather than compartmentalizing our activities between the spiritual and the worldly. With a Godly perspective, we stop spinning our wheels, living in frustration, and toying with bitterness over our lot in life. Each moment becomes a faith-filled experience complete with Your peace and joy.


Thought for the Day:

When we live in union with Christ, we no longer neglect our self, our family, our ministry opportunities, and our worship of our Creator and Savior and King; instead, we walk in the Spirit and do not fulfill the plans of the devil for us or the desires of our flesh.

– Galatians 5:15-25





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