Communicating with God

low angle photo of grass taken at daytime


Did you ever make a “telephone” with paper cups connected by a string? As long as my playmate and I kept the string taut, the voices carried clearly from the speaker to the listener.


If we got too eager and moved closer to one another, the dialogue ended, because the line was no longer taut. The further my playmate leaned toward me to hear, the longer our communication was interrupted, because the line grew looser still. Even if I yelled louder, she still heard nothing.


This happens sometimes when we try to communicate with our Heavenly Father. We tell Him our issues and hear no response. Then we try talking louder, even yelling and questioning if He is even listening to us. Until we rest and quit straining forward, we hear nothing!


Communication is not re-established until we relax and sit back. Sometimes, static – caused by the cares of the world, sin in our life, and idols that we pursue – slurs our conversation and interrupts our communication with the Lover of our soul.


The Lord is there all the time, trying to speak to us, but we do not hear Him, due to our stressing, straining and striving to communicate with Him; or due to the sludge of life, which stops up the flow of our interaction with our Daddy God.


When we lay down our attachment to the world, the Holy Spirit washes away the residue from the sludge that we allowed to build up between us. Our communication is restored without any exertion at all when we rest in His love and grace.



Father God, thank You for always listening to us. Even when our stress level interrupts our communication, You never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). You are always there inside of us…loving us, coaching us, cleansing us and leading us through life.


In times of silence between us, You are still there, and we can enjoy Your presence even when we say nothing. Help us to reject the lies from Satan who feeds on the fears and insecurities of our soul. We love You with our whole heart and we have faith in Your faithfulness.


Thought for the Day:

When we quit trying so hard, our anxiety and stress diminish; and when we cease our self-efforts and trust the Lord to speak in His timing, the communication line between us tightens once again and we can hear clearly now.


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