Traveling Mercies and God Hugs

black asphalt road between grass field

As is His usual custom, our Daddy God abundantly provided for us throughout our trip. Let me count the ways:


  • He started by sending us to a smart repairman to fix an oil leak in our van before we even left home – turns out it was simply an old oil filter.


  • He gave us the opportunity to rent a two bedroom cabin – with living room, dining room, and full kitchen – directly on a beautiful lake in the piney woods of Mississippi for only $75 a night – unheard of, right?


  • He made sure that, although we drove in several cells of high winds and blinding rain, we passed through them quickly, we had breaks in the major storms in order to get into and out of hotels and restaurants, and we traveled most of our four days on the road with only a light drizzle.


  • During one of those tumultuous cells, we had to refuel and use the restroom. Daddy God directed us off the highway at the ”fortunate” time to take advantage of an unusually large and heavy-duty awning in front of the gas station/curb store. Even with a thunderstorm all around us, we never got even a drop of rain on us.


  • Although the Illinois trees are almost devoid of leaves at this time of year – we already had our first snow fall, He delighted us with beautiful fall colors throughout our journey south. To my delight, we even drove through several mountainous areas along the way.


  • A mom and pop café, filled with a pleasant staff and wall plaques painted with scripture verses, served a special of rib-sticking stew and cornbread muffins for lunch – one of my hubby’s favorite meals.


  • On our first day south, we “surprisingly” encountered our preferred hotel to spend the night – La Quinta, which is always pet friendly, clean and attractively decorated. This hotel was not advertised on google with the rest of the area hotels.


  • We experienced no dangers and few distracted drivers on our travels. Our daughter and her family with two of our eight grands, traveled 13 hours in one night from the Florida Everglades, and arrived safely to rent the cabin right next to ours.


  • Our seven year old granddaughter gave me one of her necklaces and said, “I want you to have this, Grammy, because it’s pretty, just like You.” That gesture and her honest words will warm my heart for the rest of my life on this earth.


  • Father God provided a perfect, sunny, warm day at the farm for the Thanksgiving Day reunion full of catching up with family members and meeting new ones. On Friday, we also had an unexpected treat of a visit with a niece, great niece and brother who had to work on Thanksgiving Day.


  • We appreciated good health throughout the week for both of us. Even though I packed the whole medicine cabinet, my herbal antibiotics and essential oils, we did not need any of them.


  • An online hook-up by phone allowed hubby to watch a Thanksgiving evening football game via computer, while I watched the premiere of a Hallmark movie on the TV. On Saturday evening, He provided a newly hired, younger hotel desk clerk who knew how to reconfigure a malfunctioning TV in our room on this big football day.


Prayers for traveling mercies are special requests to God for the safety and blessing for those traversing the globe. On our recent trip to see family for their Mississippi reunion, we had members of the family of God in our home church, as well as friends scattered over the USA and abroad, praying for us through social media.


We thank our Jehovah Jireh, our Great Provider, who kept us safe and healthy for a whole week, and home and kitties survived our separation as well.





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