Powerful Thoughts and Emotions

A path through a dark evergreen forest near Loch Maree


I recently read a medical report, which stated that research in neuroscience over a period of 30 years showed that the brain and gut are the control centers for our healthy/unhealthy reactions to life. You have heard of psychosomatic illnesses, right?


They are produced by the brain, rather than by any infection in the body. In fact, scientists agree that our thoughts, words, actions, emotions and experiences can actually change the structure of our brain.


Many scientific and medical studies prove the power of positive thinking. We can actually change the activity of our brain and its effect on our life by focusing on the blessings from the Lord, rather than on the negative aspects of our circumstances (Philippians 4:8).


We can improve our health in several ways:

  1. Mental: Focusing on the positive
  2. Emotional: Understanding and validating our emotional responses to life, and then finding something positive in negative experiences.
  3. Intellectual: Learning something new – a skill or hobby, taking classes at the local college, joining a book club, etc.
  4. Physical: Developing clean eating practices and finding a Functional Medical Doctor to help us care for our body.
  5. Social: Developing positive friendships with people who share our convictions and encourage our strengths.
  6. Vocational: Working in a positive environment that we enjoy.
  7. Spiritual: Having daily devotion times, reading and practicing God’s Word, worshipping and fellowshipping with authentic Believers who share our convictions, and walking in the Holy Spirit’s guidance each moment of the day.


These practices will improve our health in body, soul and spirit; give us a longer life devoid of many illnesses that will otherwise attack our body; and give us more joy and peace in life. I pray that you too will enjoy health and long life.



Father God, remind us that focusing on Biblical Truth can actually change our whole personality. As a melancholy, I still enjoy the positive, creative aspects of our predilection, and I still experience triggers of depression and despondency; yet, Your Spirit exchanged many of my negative character traits with Your spiritual fruit (Galatians 5:23).


You want to perform this same transformation and reformation in every life that trusts You with all of their heart. Responding to life – either positively or negatively – will affect our health and well-being. Help us to focus on Your Kingdom first and foremost, and to rely on You during the trials in our life. We praise You with every fiber of our being.


Thought for the Day:

Our reactions to our circumstances and to the people in our life can actually shorten our life, as is proven by those who choose to will themselves to die; yet, as we trust in the Lord with our whole heart, refuse to rely on our human thought processes and understanding, to draw nearer to God each and every day, and to resist satanic warfare that attempts to thwart God’s blessings in our life, then our Heavenly Father reveals His plans to us, and gives us His power, wisdom and strength to walk in His ways.






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