The Blessing of Time

creek in between mountains covered with pine trees at daytime



Abiding in the current moment, fondly remembering past moments, and expecting to reap God’s peace and joy in our future moments allows us to grow wiser from our past, to trust God for our future, and to enjoy the moment in which we are now existing.


There is no positive outcome from obsessing over the fears of our future, or the shame of our past. This only obscures the joys of the present. We can keep a diary, a journal of the joys of the current moment, to remember the blessings of our past during future times of reflection.


As we mature in our spiritual walk, we come to appreciate God’s divine appointments in each moment. We learn from our mistakes, and we rejoice in our victories as we trust God and walk in His Spirit (2 Corinthians 12:9).


Prioritizing our time according to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit enables us to walk in His plans and to reap His blessings. If we obey His Word, we experience far fewer trials, and much less anxiety and stress in our individual moments.


Finding enjoyment in our family time, value in our vocation, and shared moments with our church family and community will enhance our life during each new moment. These memories sustain us during any negative future issues.


We value and cherish those people, which God places in our life, even those who frustrate and irritate us. We feel compassion for the weak, learn from the wise, and enjoy those who share our commitment the Lord.


We respect each other’s choices and opinions, even if we disagree with them or fail to see any value in them. We can share our concerns for them in private, as we also support their strengths and accept their weaknesses, and we do not belittle or make fun of them in public.


This helps them to overcome their insecurities that we all share as humans, and to rise victoriously over the obstacles to success in their life. We comfort each other in our grief, encourage one another in our feelings of inadequacy, and rejoice in each other’s achievements.



Father God, remind us not to take one another for granted, but to appreciate each other and to love each other according to our individual love language. Help us to spend more time connecting to each other than to the television, social media, computer games, or pursuing our individual hobbies. Teach us to have devotion times, to attend worship services regularly, and to serve in ministries to our church family and community together.


Show us that spending time as a family helps us to create memories to sustain us for a lifetime. Planned outings, reminiscing over old photos, reading a book together, cooking and/or eating meals together, sharing a baked treat or milkshake, working together to keep our home neat and clean, watching a movie, cuddling and giving one another focused attention, etc. will all help us to bond in Your love for us.


Thought for the Day:

We are not promised a long life, so making the most of each individual moment together will enhance all of our lives, and will give one another the support and encouragement we need in a world that is determined to undermine our marriage, family and church family.


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