Transformed Imperfections

orange tulip


Our personal identity is usually based on the opinions from other people. We form our evaluation of our self from comments made to us by these friends, relatives, associates and neighbors. It is also derived from satanic lies planted in our mind from birth.


Over time, God helps us to erase these negative recordings in our brain and to develop a healthy sense of who we are in Christ. Walking by the direction of God’s Spirit for each moment of our day helps us to make wise choices and to develop a spiritual mind.


If we try to live up to the expectations of other people, we push our self to the point of extreme fatigue, burn out, resentment, and outright anger over the heavy burdens we accept. This is caused by attempting to please people rather than God.


Jesus encourages us to deny our self, but He is talking about our vain, conceited, self-centered, sinful ambitions rather than about our basic needs and the essence of who we are as a person (Galatians 5:19-21).


We trade these carnal desires to promote our self with an eternal attitude of our position as a bond-servant and slave to Jesus Christ. We deny selfishness and unrighteousness that is contrary to God’s will and Word (Philippians 2:3-7).


God’s grace and forgiveness are His free gifts to us, even while we are still caught in the net of unholy desires. We slowly come to the realization that we are already crucified with Christ, and He lives in and through us (Galatians 2:20). We simply submit to and cooperate with His Word and Truth.


This enables us to grow into spiritual maturity by allowing God to nurture our soul with His healing love and grace. He transforms our imperfections with Jesus divine character and nature. This helps us to develop the same loving and serving attitude that Jesus has.



Father God, help us to deny the lusts of our flesh (Galatians 5:15-25), and teach us that through our relationship with You, we find comfort, encouragement, tenderness, compassion and a balanced impression of our true identity, which is centered in and focused on Christ.


You help us to set boundaries for our life that block the negative comments of others from debilitating us. Help us to reject the expectations that drive us to respond to life with humanistic goals and side-track us from Your perfect plans for us (Romans 8:1). We want to spend our days worshipping You with our life.


Thought for the Day:

God’s plan for us is to unite with Christ in salvation, to find comfort from His love, to fellowship with His Spirit and to be led by the Spirit, and to act with tenderness and compassion toward others.

– Philippians 2:1-2


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