I am Always Right

aerial photo of pine trees with white snow during daytime


We have all met the person who thinks that they are always right, and everyone who disagrees with them is inherently wrong. Our need to be right is often fueled by fears and insecurities from our past. If someone else is right, that means I am wrong.


If we dare to admit that we may be wrong, we will fall into an endless pit of doom and despair. Therefore, we spend countless hours reading through tomes of literature, which agree with our point-of-view. This gives us confidence in our suppositions.


Most of us naturally adopt varying convictions, preferences, opinions, theories, etc. upon which we base our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions. Many times our beliefs are in opposition of someone else’s diligently researched convictions, preferences, opinions, theories, etc.


This causes strife in our relationships. Usually the person who persists the longest, yells the loudest, or insists the most vehemently wins the disagreement. However, we also lose possible friendships when we are not willing to admit that someone else may also be right.


There does not need to be one right opinion on matters, unless the Word of God decisively and conclusively dictates it for us. How is it then that two opposing worldviews may both be right?


Well, the beauty of life is that we are all cut from different cloth. We have different personalities, siblings, and parents, as well as various personal experiences, influential family members, authors of our favorite books, teachers and mentors upon which we base our beliefs.


In the non-essential areas of life, we can agree to disagree and make peace with our spouse and neighbor. We give one another the right to hold true to our own preferences and convictions, and we do not expect or insist that others agree with us.


However, in Biblical essentials we do not abandon our convictions in order to keep peace with those who disagree with God’s Word. We do not force our beliefs on anyone else, but we are not shy about standing firm in our convictions.



Father God, remind us that on essential Biblical principles we hold fast with both hands to Your truth and never let go. The Bible is our final authority of belief and practice, and the essential areas of Biblical Truth are not debatable, such as: the virgin birth of our Savior, Jesus as the only way to heaven, we all inherited Adam’s sin, the Bible is the inspired Word of God, salvation is a free gift of grace by faith, etc.


Help us to resist the politically correct movement in our world today. Humanisticly speaking, these people have a hard time believing that You would allow anyone to suffer the torments of hell for eternity. However, You do not condemn anyone to hell. We condemn our self by our disbelief in Jesus’ finished work of redemption for us on Calvary’s cross (John 3:18)


Thought for the Day:

There are many non-essential areas of our life, where God’s Word does not emphatically call something a sin, and we are graciously free to agree to disagree with one another at the same time that we continue to maintain these friendships and relationships.



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