Our True Identity

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Children have always experienced trauma, but more so in today’s society, where they are considered as an inconvenience, without feelings, and as disposable. Due to trauma and neglect in our own life, our body and soul learn to expect both abuse and deprivation as a normal way of life.


Researches have proven that our past traumatic experiences will program our mind to expect the worst, to imagine danger where there is none, and to experience post-traumatic stress disorder because of it.


This leads to issues in our mental and emotional health, which affect our thoughts and behavior well into adulthood. Fear, insecurity, resentment, anger and withdrawn behavior stem from this early mistreatment and disregard.


This causes us to over-react to current situations that remind us of the past – even if we have repressed the past into our subconscious mind, or dissociated from the primary incidents that we lived through.


I would say that we survived, but many of us where dramatically altered by these experiences. Many people live in a continual state of the dread of terror, even if there is no actual reason to feel this anxiety.


We do not understand why we act in certain ways or feel some of our negative emotions. This occurs because we detached from the actual memory of the original negative experience(s), and they cannot heal. Then, this programs our brain to anticipate danger, failure, shame and abuse.


As adults, we use addictions, compulsive behaviors, codependency and perfectionism in an effort to anesthetize our pain, and to prevent a repeat of this treatment. We live in continual fear, and we are crippled by our insecurities.


We actually subconsciously believe that we deserve to be punished, and to forfeit our needs being met. This causes us to neglect our self just as we were deprived in our past. We put others first, and we overlook our own needs. We rarely allow our self to experience fun, deep friendships or adventure.


Unless we find our identity in the Lord, the effects of the trauma in our life result in delayed mental and emotional maturity, as well as attention deficit, learning disabilities, toxic anxiety, debilitating fears, and deep-seeded insecurities.


It is hard for our brain to follow the dots of cause and effect, and we lash out at life through addictions, criminal behavior, unresolved illnesses, and abuse of our own children. Only a union with Christ as our Savior and King can ferret out our subconscious issues and bring eternal healing to our soul.



Father God, help us to relax and to enjoy Your provision for us that counteract the feelings evoked by the pain of our past. Teach us that as we accept, as real and valid, the wounds which we experienced, we can forgive our perpetrators. This frees us from bondage to their behavior toward us and from our resentment over the past, and our fear of the future.


Help us to find our true identity through Christ in us (Colossians 1:27), and to use exercise techniques to learn to breathe deeply and to find our balance of body and mind. Teach us to realize that, as we trust in You with our whole heart, Your presence in us creates a sense of safety. Remind us that walking in Your Spirit each moment of the day ensures our success in plans that You have for our life. We praise and worship You now and always.


Thought for the Day:

The main way to heal from the distress that we receive from the traumatic events of our past, which were forced upon us; and the poor opinion of our self that we carry with us because of them, is to focus on our both identity in Jesus, which is as authentic Believers, His Bride, Children of God, and co-heirs with Jesus to inherit the Kingdom of God, and also on His continual, loving kindness and grace toward us.


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