Life and Death in Words

brown wooden pier with gazebo on beach shore


During our lifetime, beginning with conception, people speak words to us that either foster life or death (Proverbs 18:21). Therefore, as adults too many of us have negative “tapes” playing in our mind, and we need to give our self compassion and nurturing.


We seek the Lord’s wisdom in finding the root of our negative thoughts and characteristics, and then replace satanic lies with God’s truth, which helps to heal our body and soul as well as to free our spirit.


Toxic words are as harmful as the toxic chemicals in our food, environment, cleaning products, toiletries and beauty supplies. If abusive behaviors are added to the issues we face, our fears and insecurities take over our life. We feel less than lovable or desirable.


A negative spiral overtakes our thoughts and attitude, and we find no joy in living. Self-destructive behavior infiltrates our habits, because their familiarity brings us a perverse sense of comfort. We perpetuate the inner war raging within our own soul.


Compulsive habits like eating disorders, obsession with our looks, addictions of all kinds, sexually deviant activity, etc. are all attempts to anesthetize our pain. There is an alternative solution, however; one that brings lasting change and fulfillment.


Inviting Jesus Christ to abide in our spirit is a life-altering decision. He washes away our desire to sin, and allows us to focus on His Word and to hear His Spirit as they transform our mind, body and feelings. We flourish in every area of our life.


Jesus walks in and with us through every trial. He directs our steps as He inspires or exhorts us on His road for our success. He teaches us to treat our soul with compassion, forgiveness, benevolence and acceptance. Then, He shows us the root of our discontentment and helps us to heal.


Laughter is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22). It stimulates our senses, physical responses, attitude, emotions and thinking. A joyful heart enables us to traverse the switchbacks of the mountains that stand in our way to spiritual maturity, and it lightens our load as it puts a smile on our face, and a spring in our step.



Father God, help us to remember to listen to You, and to our swirl of negative emotions as they attempt to reveal to us the source of our lack of joy and contentment. Help us to rid our soul of years of pent-up shame, wounds, and loneliness. Teach us to treat our self with compassion, and to allow our vulnerability to embrace our imperfections as that of a human being, which You created us to be.


We want to cherish each new day, and to serve You in the midst of it through every effort that we make. You have a purpose for every season of our life, and we want to walk in the center of Your will for us. We can celebrate our new life in You and release the negative input from those in our past. This allows us to face the future with a positive outlook based on Your Word, instead of the echoes from our past.


Thought for the Day:

Wisdom, which we grow into over the stages of our life, gives us permission to reject the mental recording of lies from our past and to soar like eagles on the currents of God’s Holy Spirit; we learn to embrace each moment in the center of God’s will, and to walk in His ways through every step of our future.



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