A Good Marriage – An Honest Relationship

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When we come to a fork in the road of life, especially if we and our spouse want to take a different path, conflicts arise. We both think that we are right, and we often do not want to take the time to truly understand each other’s viewpoint.


Discussing issues in our relationship is the best way to keep the seeds of bitterness from tarnishing our life together (Hebrews 12:15). The goal is not to win or to get our way, but to find a resolution which blesses both of us.


We do not push our agenda, but we try to understand our spouse’s viewpoint and support his/her needs as well as our own. Honest communication, along with praying together about the issue, will help us to solve the problem.


If we sweep our issues under the rug, or bury them in our subconscious mind, they are still there, spoiling our bond in marriage. If we just argue, or blow up about an incident, we accomplish little more than to wound our spouse and to drive an emotional wedge between us.


God helps us to see the real cause behind our disagreement. As humble servants of God and to our spouse, we can solve these issues more quickly as we honestly and humbly communicate our true feelings about the problems we face.


Our spouse is not the enemy, but our partner in life. The devil will use disagreements to pull us apart, to steal our hope from us, and to make us feel helpless to resolve our conflicts. There is always a solution in the center of God’s will.


Problem-solving together with a prayerful attitude enables us to find God’s will. We stick to one issue at a time until we find an alternative plan that solves the problem. We can make a pro-con list of all the possibilities, and then ask God for His wisdom on how to meet both of our needs.



Father God, help us to honestly communicate our feelings about the problems that we face, and to look at various solutions that support both of us, rather than to insist on our own way. If we have differing communication styles, teach us how to relate to one another using words that resonate with both of us.


Once we decide on a solution, give us the fortitude to stick to our plan, so that we do not further frustrate and disappoint each other needlessly, and so that we always bring glory to Your name. You have a perfect plan for our life at each cross-road in life, and gaining Your wisdom and perspective will unite us as a couple, and will maintain the love and peace in our partnership.


Thought for the Day:

An amiable discussion about how we will spend our money, how much time we will spend separately and together, what activities we can both support in our marriage, how to raise and discipline our children, what activities to pursue in our careers and our retirement years, etc. helps us to decide together what is best for us as a couple and as a family.


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