Working Smarter, Not Harder

green grass near calm body of water


During a bout of Bursitis, brought on by years of abusing my shoulders, I began a new adventure in the Lord as He taught me how to work smarter and not harder. This process allowed me to start healing, and to undo the extensive physical damage I had done.


He instructed me to use turmeric, ginger and tart Cherry Flex to heal inflammation in the Bursa, which was causing the pain and extensive shoulder bruising. I learned to sleep on my back as I healed, in order to prevent further stress on my shoulders. At times, I even slept in my recliner.


My Daddy God directed my online search, and I found a gripper on a long pole. This handy tool helped me to reach things on high shelves without over-extending my arm joints. He also gave me peace about hiring a high school neighbor to help with heavy household chores.


I got a laundry cart on wheels, so I no longer carried heavy, awkward baskets to and from the laundry room. My husband purchased for me a short set of stacking shelves and placed on them the items from high closets that I use every day/week.


I replaced all of my heavy dishes, mugs and cooking utensils with lighter ones from the thrift store. I stopped cooking meals in one day that I could freeze and that would last for three months at a time. I still batch-cook, because it saves money and time, but with a smaller amount of food.


I stopped wearing heavy coats, ponchos and jackets, and replaced them with lighter layers that did not stress my shoulders. I also no longer strained my shoulders with everyday living, and I used more of my whole body to accomplish my chores.


All of this rearranging taught me valuable spiritual lessons too. We often tend to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel (Matthew 23:24). We make the spiritual life harder than it needs to be by living independently, rather than by following God’s leading.


This negative habit imposes restrictions and heavy weights to our walk with God. Now, I listen more to His Spirit and less to my codependent, obsessive, perfectionistic human ideas and plans. I trust in the Lord with my whole heart, rather than leaning on my own human understanding (Proverbs 3:5).



Father God, show us our ways that cause us to end up virtually useless to You. Teach us how to change our habits and behavior by streamlining the way we respond to the leading of Your Holy Spirit. When we plan our days, and the ministries that we want to serve in, without consulting You first (Proverbs 3:5-6), we often add unnecessary weight to our schedule, which causes stress and strain on our life and relationships.


Help us to consult You for Your will for our service to You, and to decline decisions that will take us out of Your plans for our life. We want to serve You with gladness and to come before Your presence each moment of the day with thanksgiving in our heart for all that You are, as well as for what You do for us and in us (Psalm 95:2-4, 100:2).


Thought for the Day:

As we streamline the moments of the day, by seeing what God is doing and then joining Him, we spend less time spinning our wheels in aggravation, and more time following His hand as He leads us in His will and ways.


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