Freedom with an Eternal Perspective



Brown Hummingbird Selective Focus Photography

Life often throws us off center by confusion and catastrophe, which come when we least expect it. We get disoriented and feel insecure and fearful, so we panic and make poor decisions, reacting with negative emotions that create even more problems.


Our normally peaceful existence spins out of control, and each compartment of our life, which we meticulously created to provide us with security and a safe haven, suddenly tilts out of balance.


God pulls out of us all of the roots of pride, selfishness and self-reliance that prevent us from fully surrendering to Him. Initially, this pruning is uncomfortable. However, ultimately, it frees us from the encumbrances of the flesh and the world.


God never forsakes those who seek Him. We know the power of His name, and we trust only in Him (Psalm 9:10). Even in calamity, living with an eternal perspective gives life all the vibrancy and fragrance of a blooming flower.


Focusing on God’s will each moment of our day makes it so much easier to align the desires of our heart according to His ultimate plan for our life. We no longer look to our body or soul to find fulfillment, although we do not neglect our legitimate needs.


We find more delight in reading His Word and in fellowshipping with His Body, and we take every opportunity to invite people to church and to share Christ with every weary soul that He brings our way.



Father God, remind us that developing a spiritual mindset allows us to walk in abiding joy, peace and gratitude as we accomplish Your will for our lives on a daily basis. When we sell out for Christ, we live with a stronger desire to please You. We love You with all of our heart; and we lean only on You for our strength, wisdom and guidance throughout the day.


We follow Jesus to the cross and we lose our life for Your sake; but then, we find new life through our glorious intimate relationship with You (Matthew 10:38-39). As we faithfully follow Your precepts, our love for You and our trust in You also increases. When we simply do Your will on a daily basis, we bring both You and us so much joy and satisfaction.


Thought for the Day:

Living in God’s will is a continual journey, not an ultimate destination; when we are used to walking in unity with His Holy Spirit each moment of the day, the grief we experience when we live outside of His will sends us running back into His everlasting arms.


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