Emotional Intimacy

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Emotional intimacy in a relationship brings emotional security to our union. This is hard, but not impossible to attain, even if one or both people never learned to freely express their emotions. Intimacy requires that each person fully listens to one another.


Often, we are so consumed with what we want to say next that we barely listen to the other person’s viewpoint. At times, we see no validity to their issue, so we ignore them or belittle them. This drives a wedge between us and prevents intimacy.


We often spend more time on our phone or social media than we do with each other. We lack respect for each other’s perspective, and we consider one another an interruption or irritation. We are consumed with our own pursuits, and overlook each other.


A good habit to develop that will prevent this from happening in our family is to sit down together in the quiet of the end of the day, turn off the TV and phones, and sit together in the living room. Gaze into each other’s eyes as they talk, take note of each other’s body language, and listen as you take turns sharing about your day.


We can prevent our self from making judgmental criticisms, berating one another, or dismissing each other’s concerns as silly fears or stereotypical behavior. We show that we care about each other’s struggles, concerns, stresses and hardships.


We can help each other carry our burdens, and pray for one another. We nurture one another by actively listening and taking each other seriously. We take time together and assure each other of our love, and our joy that we are partners in life.



Father God, please teach us to give each other nurturing affection, loving eye contact, listening ears, and true concern for one another’s burdens. We want to dwell together in unity in body, soul and spirit – understanding one another and giving each other honor and attention (1 Peter 3:7). Remind us to compliment and affirm one another by sharing positive traits that we see in each other.


Remind us too, that You gave us to one another to support, to affirm, and to share our strengths to make a better relationship and a deeper unity. Help us to show each other every day that we are vitally important to one another – by doing the little things for each other that make such a huge difference, and by helping to carry each other’s burdens.


Thought for the Day:

Some personalities cut to the chase and leave out all the details of an incident – just reporting on the main facts; while others want to understand the details and resent getting the abridged edition of our day; listening to one another, validating each one’s concerns, and joining forces to pray about or to discern God’s plans in each situation will do much to make our relationships stronger.


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