Easy Burdens

Scenic View of Sea Against Sky at Sunset


When oxen are yoked together, they help each other pull the load. Jesus offers the opportunity for us to yoke up with Him, in order to make our burdens easy and light to carry. He is gentle and humble in heart, and we find rest in Him.


Our thoughts, emotions and choices remain on the straight and narrow road when we are yoked with Him (Matthew 11:28-30). He guides us continually, strengthens our bones when we are weary, and satisfies our soul with living water (Isaiah 58:11).


The Hebrew words for soul in God’s Word refer to Life (Genesis 1:30), to our person (Deuteronomy 10:22), and to our feelings, desires and affections, which influence our thoughts, choices and actions.


Scientists assert that mental and emotional problems are at the root of many of our physical problems. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects not only soldiers on the battlefield, but anyone experiencing traumatic and abusive events in their life.


This trauma affects the connectors in our brain, as well as the very cells of our body. It also causes damage that goes deep into our soul. Job experienced this trauma throughout the trials with which Satan plagued him.


He felt like he teetered on the edge of a deep, dark abyss. He prayed for his soul to be brought back from the pit, that he may be enlightened with the light of life (Job 33:30). He trusted God, because His redemptive powers preserve us.


The Lord wants to heal us in every facet of our spirit, body and soul; so that our fellowship with Him will remain unhindered by the corruption of our flesh, the world and Satanic lies (Hosea 14:4).



Father God, as we submit to You, the God of peace, You entirely sanctify and preserve our spirit, soul and body with Your peace (1 Thessalonians 5:13). Remind us that daily feasting on Your Word and walking in Your Spirit restores our soul’s stability and strengthens us (Psalm 23:3).


The inner healing we receive from an intimate relationship with You also eliminates our need to rely on addictive behaviors to anesthetize our soul’s pain. We can trust in You, as our Great Physician, to resolve our soul’s issues and to allow our body, soul and spirit to prosper (3 John 1:2).


Thought for the Day:

The Lord yearns for the restoration of our soul, in order to return it to the place of harmonious communion with Him, which was lost when Adam and Eve sinned.

– Jeremiah 32:37



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