God Declares us Innocent

Photography of Dirt Road Surrounded by Trees


When we walk righteously before the Lord, no one else’s opinion of us matters. If we are convinced in our own spirit that God has searched us, tried us, and found us innocent, then our critics, liars, gossips and enemies have no grounds to accuse us (Psalm 26:1-2, 35:24).


When we live according to His truth, we trust in the Lord without vacillating, and His unconditional love is ours (Psalm 26:1, 3). People often make snap judgments about us according to their own world-view and prejudices, but they never really know us intimately.


Sometimes, this is our fault, because we wear masks and fail to express how we really feel, or what we really think or need or desire. We are afraid of the censure we will receive if we open up and share who we really are with others.


Or maybe, we have a blind spot and do not realize how our words and actions are painful to other people. We may need someone to speak to us honestly, and explain to us how our behavior is affecting them.


The Christian walk is foreign to most people today. They expect us to enable them without discretion in their poor choices by giving them validation, aid and money. They want a free hand-out and positive affirmation for their sin.


They resent it, if we dare to share the gospel with them, insist that Jesus is the only way of true salvation, or to present to them the blessings of a higher degree of service to God.


A person’s opinions or expectations of us only matters if we allow it to affect us. We can refuse to give that much power to another human being. God is our only judge because He is our only Master (Romans 14:4).



Father God, You are the only One who can truly discern the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). If our spirit does not condemn us, we have confidence before You. We are Your dear children. You discipline us if we go astray, as well as comfort us in our times of distress.


If we are falsely accused, we stand in good company, because they also falsely accused and crucified Jesus Christ, an innocent man. We are Your adopted children and we will overcome any obstacle or accusation, because You, who dwell within us, are greater than anyone who is in this world (1 John 3:21; 4:4).


Thought for the Day:

Jesus is our advocate with our Father God, and He intercedes for us, and litigates our case before our righteous Judge (Romans 8:34); therefore, no one’s opinion, false accusation, or judgment of us with stand up under His scrutiny, and the light of eternity will always reveal the truth of every matter.

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