Freedom that Lasts

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We can dance around the root cause of our issues for years, taking pills and getting counseling for the symptoms, but never truly healing from the trauma that changed the course of our life. Exhaustion from our overly busy schedule may prevent the success of these search and rescue efforts.


These attempts to find healing are often frustrating, unfulfilling and basically useless therapy. Rather than using a bandage to stop the flow of “blood”, we can go to the actual root, and find out why we are slowly bleeding inside.


We may blame one another as the root cause of the problems, when there is an entirely different cause and effect. As we scrutinize our decisions and why we made them, we can uncover the hidden issues that are draining our personal life and our relationships from much needed unity and cohesiveness.


When we analyze the facts of an unpleasant issue, trace the emotion that it incites, and honestly face facts about our past and current situations, we can address and eradicate the real source of haunting negative circumstances.


We can also make changes in our life to adjust to one another’s viewpoint. We start by making a schedule that we can agree on and sticking to it, possibly laying aside something that we personally deem is necessary as an opportunity to reach a more important and realistic goal for everyone, etc.


God is always ready to speak His truth and to dispel Satan’s lies. Then, we can remove the source of the wound and heal the issue once and for all time. As we seek the Lord, and uncover the reason behind our distress, we simply follow His advice to solve this cause.


Our choices change our outlook on past experiences, and their effect on our life. This always involves discovering the root of our current problem, changing our perspective about the past as well as our current priorities, and asking God for His plans about our issues one at a time.



Father God, help us not to fall into the blame-game, and not to view each other as the enemy. Help us to join forces to discover the real root cause of our issues, and to solve them together with consideration for everyone’s needs. Teach us that there is no need to fight to the finish to prove that we are right, or to get our way, when we can work together to find a third option on which we can all agree.


Remind us that You joined us together to complement one another, to use our differences to our mutual advantage, and to support each other’s weaknesses with our strengths. This will improve our environment at work, home, church, community, etc. Our confidence in and commitment to You enables us to dwell together in unity (Psalm 133:1).


Thought for the Day:

As parents, spouses, best friends, co-workers, members of God’s family, etc. we can enhance our life by working together for our common good in every circumstance; preferring one another without neglecting our own needs, and finding the root cause of our disagreements or personal issues, so that we can solve them together.

– Hebrews 10:24






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