God’s Example for Us




Compassion is a complex emotion. Without love, there is no compassion; and without compassion, there is no true love. Compassion is the most important ingredient in a successful relationship with friends, relatives, associates and neighbors.


When someone reaps what they sow, it is very easy to feel like they earned their misery, and we have trouble showing them much compassion. If someone mistreats us or abuses us, we withhold love from them until we view their actions with the eyes of compassion.


Having compassion helps us to rise above our feelings, and to give God’s Agape love to our offenders. As God’s adopted children, we walk in holiness and humility with kindness, gentleness and patience at the core of our compassion for others (Colossians 3:12).


God gives us His example of showing mercy and kindness to us and others, and having compassion toward us (Exodus 33:19). He comforts us and has compassion on the afflicted (Isaiah 49:13). We cannot help but praise Him for His goodness (Isaiah 63:7).


When we persevere through the trials of life, God blesses us with more than we ever lost, because of His unfailing love and mercy (James 5:11; Lamentations 3:32; Psalm 103:13). God blots out our transgressions, and shows us His grace and truth (Psalm 51:1, 116:5).


Jesus desires from us compassion for sinners more than sacrificial offerings (Matthew 9:13). His plans for us are our delight, and His compassion enables us to live a fulfilled life (Psalm 119:77, 156). He is good to all those who trust in and honor Him (Psalm 145:9).


We teach our soul to praise God’s holy name by remembering the blessings He bestows on us every moment of every day: He forgives our sins, heals our diseases, satisfies us with good things, redeems our life from the pit of hell, and crowns us with love and compassion (Psalm 103:1-5).



Father God, Jesus is Your only begotten Son through Your union between Your Spirit and Mary, and we are so grateful that we are Your adopted children. You are the Father of compassion and comfort in all of our troubles (2 Corinthians 1:3-4; Matthew 1:18). United with Christ in us, we have encouragement, are comforted by Your love, and share Your Spirit with Jesus.


In this world, tenderness and compassion make our joy complete as we dwell in like-minded unity of love, spirit and doctrine – not doing anything out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility, we value one another in Your Body, our church family, above our self (Philippians 2:1-3). Give us Jesus’ compassion for the sick, the harassed and helpless (Matthew 9:35-36).


Thought for the Day:

God enables us to show one another – especially our spouse – compassion, patience, mercy, love, attentiveness, honor and respect – even if we do not relate to what they share with us, or if we fail to see the value or concern in what they need us to affirm and validate.

– Luke 6:31


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