A Good Marriage – Forging Deeper Bonds

Landscape Photo of Riverand Pine Trees


Working together in our marriage as partners, rather than pulling apart as adversaries, allows us to forge deeper bonds that bring fulfillment to our relationship. Even the most devoted couple experiences conflicts now and then.


Ignoring the issue allows it to remain unresolved, especially if we never discuss it. Give up your ideas and his, and pray together to find a third alternative that you both agree with. If all else fails, a Christian marriage counselor is very helpful in resolving an impasse and preventing barriers between us.


Spending time together in serving God is also very nourishing to our relationship. A few nurturing ideas are: choosing a ministry in which we can serve together; learning in a Bible study class together; going on mission trips together; volunteering together in the community; hosting a dinner party with Christian friends, etc.


Have fun together. Go for walks and chat, take a picnic to a local scenic place, go to a café and drink hot cocoa on a cold night, start a campfire in the back yard and make s’mores, ride bikes around the neighborhood, help an older couple do their yardwork, etc.


There is an endless list of free possibilities to spend some quality time together. We married our mate, so that we could have and hold each other for the rest of our life; so remember to spend time snuggling, laughing and chatting each day too.


When one is sick, the other can warm a can of soup, play board games together, read the same book and share impressions about what is read, listen to the Bible online and discuss the verses, watch the same TV show, etc.


If we work too much, or fill our schedule with too many separate hobbies and activities, this will cause our mate to feel neglected, undesirable, stressed, unappreciated and lonely. It is vitally important to make time for one another, and not to allow our children’s schedules to get too full either.



Father God, Your Word teaches us that a happy marriage is one made of a couple willing to sacrifice some of their own desires for one another’s happiness and fulfillment. Remind us that a marriage that involves a committed couple is like a tree planted by a stream; its roots are not covered with grass and dirt so that it can breathe (Psalm 1:1-3).


Remind us to stop to notice and to enjoy the beauties of new life during each new spring. We want to do more than to co-exist; we want to blossom as a couple and as parents. Teach us that our marriage will flourish with fruit in the growing seasons, and it will survive the coldest winters, by sending our roots deeper into Christ and His Word.


Thought for the Day:

If we allow our self to get too embroiled in too many worthwhile activities that separate us, we stand the chance of smothering the roots of our love; short times apart are healthy for any relationship, but our “together” time should be just that…together.


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