Healing Power in Our Beliefs

Red Flowers in Middle of Grass Field

Trusting in the Lord, instead of depending on our human understanding sounds like “mind over matter.” However, there is the power of life and death in our thoughts and words (Proverbs 18:21). This applies to our healing in our body, soul and spirit.


It all boils down to our faith and our belief system, which affects our attitude and our healing process. Researchers have “placebo” groups in every test they perform with a new drug. Many people who take the “sugar” pill are healed due to their beliefs.


Doctors and researchers often give placebo “medications” and “sham” surgeries, in order to test the theory of our beliefs affecting our healing. This practice is proof that our mind is a powerful tool for healing our physical ailments.


Positive changes in our beliefs – both conscious and subconscious – affect our thoughts, emotions and actions, which then impact our body’s ability to heal. Faith activates our endorphins and dopamine, which change our neural pathways in our brain in order to heal.


Having faith in God’s faithfulness – a fact that He proves to us every day of our life, partaking in the joys of a caring and praying family and church family and friends, receiving hope from God’s Word, and surrounding our self with encouraging people will all affect our biochemical ability to heal.


If our constant focus is on “healing” our illness, we continue to struggle; however, if we focus on walking in God’s will each moment of the day, our Great Physician is going to arrange circumstances to show us what to do to heal, or He will heal us supernaturally.


Positive beliefs also lower our stress level, which is a major contributor to inflammation in the body, and inflammation contributes to our level of pain and illness. Trusting in God reduces stress and prevents inflammation, especially if we include a “clean” diet along with developing our intimacy with God.



Father God, You marvelously created our body to work in harmony with our spirit and soul – our thoughts, feelings and choices. Teach us how to balance these three aspects of our existence with Your Spirit in order to live a healthy and productive life and to effectively work in Your Kingdom.


We know that You placed a boundary around our life, and that You will take us home when we reach that place in our life; however, we do not really need to live in a sick body until we reach that point. Give us Your wisdom, as well as the discipline to cut out unhealthy food choices, and to decide to help our health instead of feeding our taste buds.


Thought for the Day:

If we trust in God with our whole heart, and stop depending on our human understanding, we can walk in health in body, soul and spirit, especially if we maintain a chemical-free lifestyle and eat a diet dependent on healthy choices.



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