Unreserved Devotion

Sakura Tree

If we will seek God with our whole heart, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13); yet, seeking God is a lost discipline in today’s society. Even Believers only give Him a cursory moment of their time when they really need something.


Others believe that God is too busy to care about them or their life, so they ignore Him. Yet, there is no better relationship to cultivate than intimacy with God’s Trinity. The Father, Son and Spirit want to actively abide in our life.


God loves us unconditionally and completely, and asks nothing in return from us than that we love Him with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength as we keep His commandments – not the whole law, but only His ten simple requirements.


These directives are more for our safety than for His pleasure. They are boundaries, which keep us out of trouble and protect us from harm. They are guidelines for our thoughts, words and actions.


The Ten Commandments give us an idea of what God considers important behavior from His Saints. We experience God in the depths of our spirit and soul in such a way that exceeds superficial and intellectual knowledge.


He wants to fill us through our entire body, soul and spirit with all of His fullness, until we experience the richest measure of His presence and are flooded by His Spirit (Ephesians 3:16-19).


This unreserved devotion reaps His blessings and keeps us from experiencing so many trials and conflicts in our life. We bow our knees to the Father of Jesus, and ask Him to adopt us into His family for eternity, and to fill us through our entire being with all of His fullness.


Then, He grants us strength in our inner being to have faith in His glorious riches and to ask Jesus to dwell in our heart by His Spirit. This allows Christ to root and ground us in His love, so we can comprehend with all the Saints the length, breadth, width, depth and height of His love for us (Ephesians 3:14-19).



Father God, when we stray from Your presence, caught up in worldly pursuits, pushing You out of our over-active life, and grieving Your Holy Spirit, restore to us the treasure of Your presence within us and draw us ever closer to Your precious heart. Lead us back onto the path You charted for us before we were ever born (Ephesians 2:10).


We give You full access to our spirit and soul, and ask You to mold us into the image of Jesus, with His divine nature, as we access His mind within us and continually walk in Your ways. We love You with our whole heart, and we refuse to depend on our human perspective and understanding. We glory in Your presence in our life.


Thought for the Day:

God is only a prayer away from each of us, and He desires our fellowship as He draws us ever closer to His heart; we trust in His love, grace and provision for us throughout our lifetime.



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