A Good Marriage – Open Communication


Selective Focus Photography of Pink Bougainvillea Flowers


For the zillionth time, you probably forgot the topic of your last fight with you spouse. Why did you disagree so vehemently? Why was it so important? What fueled your intense emotion and discord? Was it worth the consequences of your words and actions? Did it really matter anyway?


Most of time we would have to answer, “No.” Satan has a way of blowing things up in our mind until they seem to be immensely important – important enough to vent our annoyance, to wound our spouse, and to stick to our pride and refuse to compromise on some issue.


We fall for the devil’s lies every time, and reap what we sow, which is not really necessary. Unresolved conflicts mount up in our mind and turn into an insurmountable mountain of hurt feelings, wounded egos, lack of communication, neglect, abandonment, disappointments and misunderstandings.


There is always a third option. We never need to choose sides and stubbornly fight to the finish. Instead, we can chat together to find an agreeable solution. The more time we spend together, communicating over daily feelings and issues, the less we fight.


Sharing with each other, and actually listening to each other, showing concern and compassion for one another, etc. improves our bond of love. We actually look forward to seeing each other, and we make time to pray and to play together.



Father God, teach us how to love unconditionally, to nurture our love for one another, to make the time and to reserve the energy it takes to communicate and to enjoy each other’s company. Help us to simplify our life, reduce our stress, and spend quality time together.


Your Word reminds us that it is the little foxes (irritations, disagreements, hurts, slights, broken promises) that spoil the vine (Song of Solomon 2:15). Remind us that investing time in our relationship pays big dividends in the long run. Help us to discover shared ministry, interests, hobbies, and even making time to shop and cook together, so that we can increase our intimacy.


Thought for the Day:

Unresolved conflict festers like a splinter under our skin and eventually causes an infection in our relationship; seeking a counselor to help sort through our issues is worth the investment.




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