Relinquishing All of Our Cares

Red Roses


Anger and unforgiveness often go hand-in-hand and wreak havoc in our body, soul and spirit. Chronic worry, fear, anxiety, etc. are sister emotions and are also harmful to our physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Vocational pressure, hyper-schedules, and expectations from our self or others, intensify these toxic emotions. We strive for success and end up in bondage to perfectionism. We make to-do lists that grow longer every day, which overwhelms us.


Shame from satanic lies and our sinful behavior is another toxic emotion. We compare our self with others and feel “less than”. Striving in our human power to overcome these issues drains us of energy needed for other things.


Resolving conflicts by communicating our feelings will reduce our anger. Forgiving others does not excuse them, but it removes us from living in bondage to their behavior. Coming to Christ for forgiveness of our sins also helps us to heal (Philippians 2:12-13).


God heals us from Satan’s lies, which greatly improves our health, peace and joy. Living in harmony with God’s Spirit, and detoxing our emotions and the chemical burden on our body, reduces the inflammation in our body, which causes most of our physical illnesses.

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Daily journaling our thoughts, troubles, worries, negative emotions, and concerns helps us to detoxify many of our negative emotions. Journaling aids us in reducing our stress level, worry and sleepless nights. It frees our soul of an unhealthy toxic burden.


We can accept our negative emotions instead of hiding them in our subconscious mind, or quietly nursing them. Feeling the emotions fully and asking God to help us to change our focus about the issue is very helpful in finding freedom from it.



Father God, when we lay awake with the acid of anxiety churning in our stomach, and worry controlling our thoughts, we are lacking in faith in Your faithfulness. Remind us that if we are fine in this one moment of time, regardless of what happened today, yesterday, or the threats of negative experiences tomorrow, we can let go of our cares by placing them in Your heart and capable hands (1 Peter 5:7).


You are more than proficient in resolving every issue in our life, as we bask in Your presence, praise You for Your blessings, thank You for what you did and do and will do for us, and trust You for each moment of our life. Remind us to trust in You with our whole heart, and not to depend on our human understanding, reasoning and talents.


Thought for the Day:

Worry is toxic and useless, but trusting in God brings added blessings to our life that we never imagined would happen; if we forcefully throw all of our anxiety into God’s hands to carry, His peace and joy immediately flood our soul and free us from all anxiety.

– 1 Peter 5:7



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