Salty Saints

Forest Surrounded by Yellow Leaves on Ground


Jesus pointed out two distinct ways that He wants us to live on this earth. One is as salt, and the other is as light. Our dark, depraved society truly needs both of them, and that is our commission from our King Jesus.


In fact, Jesus feels so strongly about this that He declares that if we are not fulfilling this purpose for our life, He will toss us out into the world, and we will get trampled by men (Matthew 5:13). What does it mean to be salt and light?


Well, light is easy to understand. Jesus is our Inner Light and the only way that people around us will not see it, is if we hide it under a covering (Matthew 5:16). As light, we brighten our little spot on the globe, as well as the lives of those we know around the earth.


Salt is harder to comprehend, unless we see what the purpose of salt is in our world. It is good on its own merit, but it makes everything else tastier and richer. It is possible to have too much salt, however; and that is when it affects us negatively.


First, salt is an antibacterial, and was used for centuries of time to protect food from rotting and causing illness. Salt impedes the decomposing process, and prolongs the usefulness of the product it preserves. We help to preserve those whom God is calling to Himself.


We also stand up for the rights of unborn children, the abused and the oppressed. We help others in their hard times, and we keep them encouraged as they face life’s wounds and set-backs. We are also examples to others of a healthy life in every area.


Secondly, salt improves the world around us. It brings out the flavor inherent in the food we eat, and in the lives of those we encounter every day – even if we do not know them. As salt, we enhance the flavors in the world around us.


Salt will even make things sweeter by contrast. As our relationship with Jesus grows more harmonious day-by-day, this agreeable flavor affects the world around us. Our Godly example is noticed by many, imitated by some, and an encouragement to others.



Father God, help us to brighten, enhance and flavor the microcosm of our world. Remind us to walk in Your Spirit’s direction for each moment of our day, so that we can help to preserve our society for goodness, sanctity and holiness. Teach us that, as light, people see our good works and give You the glory (Matthew 5:16).


Then, as salt, You use us to flavor the lives around us and help to preserve a Godly medicinal value in the rotting world in which we live. Allow all of our friends, relatives, associates and neighbors to be influenced by Your Christ in us. We want to walk in Your will and further Your Kingdom each moment of our day.


Thought for the Day:

We are salty Saints when we help to preserve and flavor the goodness in the world arounds us, and in our church family; we live at peace with one another, full of God’s compassion and graciousness, and we endeavor to answer questions and give a reason for the hope that abides within us.

– Colossians 4:6; Mark 9:50


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