It Is Not ”My” Disease

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I used to say, “My Fibromyalgia” or “My Autoimmune Diseases” or “My Arthritis.” Then, one day, my Daddy God said to me, “Are you sure you want to own those diseases?” Of course, my answer was a resounding “No”, that echoed through the halls of our home.


We all do it. Actually, our Body is affected by the Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. but it is not “our” disease. We do not want to own those despicable, debilitating illnesses. They actually belong to the devil and our sin-cursed world.


These issues invade our body due to toxins in our food, water, cleaning supplies, the environment, body and facial products, etc. We use scented candles or air fresheners and breathe in their toxic fumes. Even our dryer sheets emit toxins into our clothes and air.


The glue on bandages and envelops, medication that the doctors prescribe for us, chemicals in the air we breathe, resin from a campfire, shellfish, genetically modified foods, aluminum in cooking ingredients and cookware, pesticides and fertilizers and preservatives, etc. all generate toxic chemicals that cause these diseases.


Then we take anti-biotics and other chemicals that have their own lethal side-effects. How do we get off this merry-go-round? We stop using chemically-laden products, and go organic and chemical-free in everything that touches our body through our mouth, nose, skin, etc.


Even some “healthy” foods such as dairy, eggs, legumes, soy, nightshade veggies, corn, grains, etc. can contaminate our body. Fruit and veggies treated with chemicals retain those chemicals when we eat them, which affect our health.


Thankfully, Medical Doctors who go beyond putting “bandades” on these diseases, and who were trained in school to treat only the symptoms of the issues, are now declaring war on what they were taught in medical school.


These Functional Medical Doctors are going after the cause of the disease, not just treating the symptoms by using medications that bring their own set of new symptoms and diseases. Trusting in God, our Great Physician, is the best place to start to heal.



Father God, thank You for showing us that when we “own” the disease, we are inviting Satan to allow the illness to imbed its hooks even deeper into our body and soul. He does not want us to effectively serve You, so he bombards our life with altering drugs and chemicals that cause even more diseases to attack our body.


Your wisdom from above is penetrating the consciousness of so many functional doctors nowadays. We need them in every location and we pray that You will open doors for everyone to avail themselves of the expertise these medical professionals are discovering to heal themselves and their patients. Most of all, however, we put our total trust in You.


Thought for the Day:
We do not want to “own” the diseases inflicting our body with ill health, so it is wise for us to follow a healing protocol, which frees us from toxic chemicals in our environment, home, workplace and personal products. – Amy Myers, MD



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