Restoring Health to our Body, Soul and Spirit

Red and White Rose in Tilt Shift Lens


Little by little and step by step, God will reveal to us the root causes of much of our psychological damage. By healing from the trauma we face in our lifetime, we learn how the mind and body work together very intricately.


When we experience trauma of any degree of severity, our nervous system goes on the alert. Our adrenal glands overwork and soon dysfunction. Our gut leaks micronutrients, which adhere to our organs, and that cause our immune system to attack our organs.


Some of us also live in a constant state of stress, panic, and even terror. Added to intellectual and emotional stress, we often experience physical trauma that increases our mental disorders, because stress weakens all of our muscles and organs and our health is compromised.


There are several ways to fix this. Try some of these activities:

  • Take a slow barefoot stroll through the grass and pay attention to nature all around
  • Take a searching emotional inventory and discern the root cause of them one by one
  • Spend time in your favorite place, and breathe deeply in order to destress (use your imagination if you cannot get there physically)
  • Focus on the positive attributes in your life and give yourself time to enjoy them
  • Stop all negative self-talk in your mind and through your words; instead, encourage yourself and feel empathy for your grief and losses
  • Hang out with friends and have fun
  • Sit in silence, and praise and listen to God’s thoughts on these and other matters.



Father God, remind us to pay attention to our internal feelings and needs, to what is going on around us, and to what causes us stress and negative emotions. This enables us to resolve the issues with Your wisdom and direction. Conversing with You and journaling the conversation release us from stored up harmful energy that robs us of Your peace and joy.


Help us to keep our mind on You, and on good and wholesome thoughts, avoiding the negative spirals that tend to drown us in our sorrows (Philippians 4:8-9). When scary memories from the past overwhelm us, hide us under the shadow of Your wings, and release us from the lies Satan planted in those memories. You are our shield and our fortress (Psalm 91:4).


Thought for the Day:

In our modern society, we need to slow down, because we move too fast; enjoying each moment as God gives it to us, and praising Him regardless of our circumstances will help us to restore and enjoy health to our spirit, body and soul – our thoughts, emotions and choices.



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