A Good Marriage – A Time of Separation

Are you considering a divorce? Disappointments, broken promises, resentment, anger, etc. will tear down bridges of positive feelings, and erect walls that separate us and get thicker and higher with each passing day.


Humility and forgiveness are the only keys to unlock the doors between us. Pride will forever slam the doors shut. When God joins us together, it is for life. There is no reason for divorce, when a separation is just as effective.


We can take it upon our self to move in with a family member, get an apartment, sleep in a different bedroom, etc. This gives us and our spouse some space to cool off, think about our issues, forgive and apologize, and date – have fun and laugh together.


We slowly resolve issues that are trying to tear us apart. We pray together to hear from God and determine to do His will. We do not insist on our own way, but we work together to find a third option when we disagree about something.


Sin begets more and deeper sins (Genesis 4:6-7). If we allow negative emotions and thoughts to fuel our decisions and behavior, we are already getting in over our head. If we do not take action (Philippians 4:8), a negative spiral of thoughts and emotions will control our life.


As authentic Believers, we can follow the leading of God’s Spirit and share our faith journey with our spouse, fellow-believers and trusted family members, etc. This helps us to find solutions to issues and to connect with prayer power to help us gain victory over our circumstances.


God will also use us to minister to others (Luke 22:31-32) who are experiencing the same issues that we just conquered. This helps them to find healing in much quicker time, if they will learn from our mistakes and triumphs.



Father God, teach us to rule over our negative emotions, to validate our feelings, and then to turn issues over to You to deal with the behavior in our spouse that triggered them. Heal us from past wounds that make us hide behind anger to protect our self. We need You to point out to us every time we are in danger of entertaining negative emotions and thoughts. Help us to overcome them prior to them overcoming us.


Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to sanctify us, so that He will replace our human tendencies with His spiritual fruit (Galatians 5:22-23). Remind us that journaling our undesirable feelings, or sharing with a trusted prayer partner will help us to diffuse these troubling moods before we blow up. Then we can meet with our mate and rationally express how their behavior made us feel. We praise You for caring about every aspect of our life.


Thought for the Day:

When we are hurt, broken, overwhelmed, discouraged, etc, we can remember that God cares about us even more than we care about our self; and He will show us a positive manner in which to kindly share our honest feelings with our spouse.




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