Your Feelings Matter – Part 2

When we feel powerless over the outcome of current events that impact our future, we resort to resentment, anger and even verbal or physical attacks to make our feelings known, to be heard and understood, and to have some say-so in our environment.


Otherwise, we are a prisoner in our own life, living according to the dictates of other people. We die inside by small increments, or we shroud our soul with bursts of temper in an attempt to ward off the unwanted encroachment on our boundaries.


Powerlessness ends up controlling our attitude, and instigating more negative emotions than our body, soul and spirit can tolerate. We exhibit no self-control, because we are so out of control of our life. Others make decisions that affect us, without any consideration for our needs.


The antidote for this malady is to discover who we are, why we react in this manner, and how to alter our attitude and behavior by being strong in the Lord by the power of His might within us (Ephesians 6:10). Rather than taking control of the situation, we submit to His control.


If someone makes a decision that affects us, we can make our own decisions that keep us in the center of God’s will for us. We have no obligation to reap what another person sows. We can cooperate to the best of our ability, but when our spirit is grieved, we can make choices that keep us healthy and safe.


This all starts by making frequent searching inventories throughout the day of our body, soul and spirit. What negative signals are they giving us? What is causing these red flags, and what is God telling us to do about it? Then we can respectfully approach the person stirring up these emotions.


Together, we can discover God’s will for these issues and remedy the disagreements between us with a rational plan to find a third alternative that we can both agree upon. This way our emotions are diffused, everyone’s needs are met, and we live in harmony rather than discord.



Father God, Your Word tells us that in quietness and confidence, we find our true strength (Isaiah 30:15). Help us to love and respect our self and others in such a way that we are willing to listen to one another, clarify any confusion we may still have, cooperate, and adjust to each other’s needs.


You have a perfect plan for each moment of our day, year and lifetime. Praying together will enable each of us to discover Your will for our life. This way we live in harmony, embracing each other physically, emotionally and spiritually. Show us the deep-seeded fears that often fuel our emotions, and help us to resolve them with harmonious decisions by which we can both live in Your will for us.


Thought for the Day:

When we believe that the other person in our relationship cares more about their own plans and goals, and they disregard us as if we do not matter, human beings tend to take a fight or flight stance, and the war begins or the relationship ends; God always gives us a third option if we take the time to actively listen to each other and to ferret out a solution agreeable to both of us.



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