Does God Punish us for Our Sins

“For every action, there is always an opposite and equal reaction.” If we sin, we reap destruction. It’s an inescapable fact of life on this planet. We may enjoy the behavior for a season, but the damage always catches up with us eventually.


For instance: after a night of drinking, we reap a horrid headache or get in a car accident or receive a ticket from driving while drunk; we experience serious side effects when using drugs or having multiple sexual partners; loss of income if we are fired from our job for some unwise behavior; throwing good money after bad if we gamble, etc.


We try to find happiness, searching in all the wrong places; and we reap what we sow. Rejected, hell-bound, unfulfilled, hopeless and helpless, we struggle with bouts of depression and try to convince our self that we have everything under control.


Oh, we make a valiant effort to set goals, work our way to the top of our chosen profession, and to succeed according to worldly standards. However, the void we feel inside is still insatiable.


God calls us to make a searching inventory of our thoughts and choices, and to thoroughly cleanse our soul of those sins over which we do have control. He desires that we look to Him to deliver us from those habits from which we cannot free our self.


He gives us the tools and spiritual nutrition that we need to grow into mature Saints of God (1 Peter 2:1-3; Philippians 2:12-13). We honor Him by following His perfect plans for us each moment of the day.


Our Father God sets us on a hill as a beacon of light, gets the glory for our good works, is proud of us for our good citizenship, and encourages us to use our free will to choose to serve Him and to reap the benefits of living in His Kingdom now and for eternity.

God does not deal with our sin, and require a blood sacrifice, in order to punish us, but to protect us from the devastation that sin brings into our life. His love is four-dimensional and surrounds and fills us through our entire being (Romans 8:31-39).



Father God, You set Jesus as the living Corner Stone for Your Temple made without hands. Then You place us exactly where You want us in the foundation, or the walls, or the towers in order to continue this building process and to allow us to serve You with our life.


You also calls us as holy priests to serve in Your sanctuary (1 Peter 2:4-6). We want nothing more from life than to recognize that we are crucified with Christ, and the life which we now live on this earth is motivated by our faith in You, because You love us and gave Yourself for us (Galatians 2:20).


Thought for the Day:

Our Loving Heavenly Father instructs and teaches us how to live in this sin-cursed world; then, He shows us what to do each moment of our day – which path to follow, and He gives counsel on the best way to perform the service to Him to which He calls each one of us individually and collectively as the Body of Christ. – Psalm 32:8


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