Finding Our Balance

I am enthralled lately about patience’s perfect work in us (James 1:4). I used to say, “Don’t pray for patience, your life will get inundated with trials of every sort.” However, I recently learned to embrace patience in the little things, and I have had fewer major issues with which to deal.


You know the little things I am talking about…they happen every day, all day. Take waiting, for instance. I despise waiting. My husband always gets everywhere early and is never, ever just on time or late. Waiting is a big part of my life. You too?


The doctor always over-schedules his appointments and we rarely if ever get to see him/her on time. Grocery lines, backed-up traffic, hospital surgery waiting rooms, meetings to start, counseling appointments to show up, our prayer to be answered, scheduled deliveries, etc. often make us wait.


I used to give-in to impatience, and fuss and fume inside; however, our Father God showed me a secret. Rather than allowing the frustration of waiting to overpower me…


I can lean into it and embrace it.


When I feel impatience taking over my soul, I simply say, “Okay, I am going to let patience have her perfecting work in me”; and then I relax. Leaning into and embracing waiting is the same concept as leaning into the wind on a stormy day.


If we fight the occasion of waiting, we exhaust our self, like we do when we fight the wind. If we simply lean into the wind, we find our balance and relax.


We always have the choice to control our thoughts and change them from negative to positive ones (Philippians 4:8). When we lean into the wait and allow patience to have her perfecting work in us, we feel calm pour over us, and a deep breath escapes our lungs as we relax.



Father God, thank You for showing us that when we allow impatience to rule in our life, it makes us grouchy, spoils our witness, and hurts other people needlessly. The great fact about patience doing her perfect work in us is that we also have more love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, meekness, self-control and faith (Galatians 5:22-23).


Teach us to feel patience toward our foibles and idiosyncrasies, to accept other people just the way they are and to love them with Your agape love, to find Your joy in every situation as we trust only in You (James 1:2-3), and to enjoy the journey as Your Holy Spirit gives us the mind and nature of Jesus to replace our carnality. We can never thank You enough for Your love and grace.


Thought for the Day:

When we think life is finally manageable, trials strike and we tend to feel overwhelmed; but if we lean into the trial and relax, we can look forward to being whole, complete and in need of nothing as patience produces her enduring work in us. – James 1:3-4


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