Trusting in the Lord

Walking in the center of God’s will keeps us within His safe parameters for our life. We find joy and peace even when we encounter trials. When we change our focus, we step into God’s peace that has nothing to do with our circumstances (Philippians 4:7).


Regardless of the amount of time and effort that we put into our perfect plans, they tend to end up in frustrating chaos and broken hearts. It is only as we seek God for His plans for our day that He will determine our steps (Proverbs 16:9).


Our time and effort is much more productive when we walk according to the direction of God’s Holy Spirit. We may experience setbacks and roadblocks even then, but we know that Satan is attempting to hinder us, and God will get the ultimate glory.


We trust in Him with our whole heart, at all times, even when His directions make no sense to our human understanding. This mindset prevents worry, anxiety and fear. We know that nothing will snatch us out of His hand (John 10:28-30).


Hiding under the shelter of His wings (Psalm 91:1-2), allows us to enjoy the safety of resting in Him. We do everything, even down to the tiny particulars of life, for His glory (1 Corinthians 10:31). If we do not know what to do in any situation, we wait on the Lord.


We do not force the issue or make a decision without God’s complete peace ruling in our heart (James 1:5-6; Colossians 3:15). God is not in a hurry, so we can take our time and make sure that we hear from Him. God teaches us and shows us the way under His watchful care (Psalm 32:8).



Father God, we do not want to waste our time by pursuing our own goals (Proverbs 28:6) – building our paneled homes, while Your House lies in disrepair (Haggai 1:4). Help us to focus on Your will and not on our own plans. As we delight in You, You will give us Your desires in our heart (Psalm 37:4). We can never thank You enough for answering our prayers.


You heal our diseases, provide us with Your presence in our life, and keep us safely sheltered under Your wings. You work out even the most horrific circumstances for our ultimate good (Romans 8:28), and we can trust in Your benevolence and justice not only for us, but for generations of our descendants as we serve You wholeheartedly with our life (Exodus 20:6).


Thought for the Day:

As we trust in the Lord (Psalm 20:7), He …

Never forsakes us (Psalm 9:10),

Showers us with His unfailing love (Psalm 13:5),

Remains as our God (Psalm 31:14),

Calms all of our fears (Psalm 56:3),

Blesses us beyond comparison (Psalm 84:12),

Makes our paths level and straight (Proverbs 3:6),

Gives us courage as His own children (Isaiah 43:1),

Delivers us from troubles (Daniel 6:23),

Comforts our heart (John 14:1), and

Fills us with joy and hope by the power of His Spirit (Romans 15:13).



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