Your Feelings Matter Too

Our feelings always matter. They are valid responses to life, which God gave to us. Sometimes people disagree with or resent our feelings. They argue with us, discount how we feel or belittle our sentiments.


However, what really counts is that we endorse our own feelings. We honor and approve of our self when we acknowledge and allow our self to fully feel our negative emotions – although it is not healthy to vent our feelings on other people.


We face, feel and accept them as our own. When we face our feelings squarely without making excuses for them or attempting to change them, we learn so much about who we are and what we need. This enables us to nurture our self and to supply the insufficiencies in our life that are causing them.


Burying our negative feelings accentuates rather than hides them, and guarantees that they will add force and destruction to our current emotions. They are like a caged, roaring bear attempting to rip our life apart in order to escape.


The trauma, training and example that we experience throughout our lifetime, forms the lens through which we view issues in our life. Our attitudes are shaped by both the joy and the pain we feel, some of which we bury in our subconscious mind.


Our attitudes are influenced by our circumstances – past, present and future. Then attitudes condition our preferences, phobias and precedents by which we live. Attitudes also flavor our thoughts, words, emotions, choices and actions.


We may develop “stinking thinking” because our attitude spirals down into resentment and bitterness. We may feel joy over an issue that we are afraid to share with anyone else. God knows us better than we know our self, and our intimacy with Him enables us to chat to Him about our feelings as we feel them.



Father God, remind us that our life is more fulfilled when we take an honest look at our attitude. Then we can accept how we feel and move on from there. You enable us to change our focus and our perception about life. We are no longer concerned with this world and the aspects of it.


You help us to develop a heavenly mindset that is rooted in our salvation and grounded by our union with Christ in us and with us. We function on a level path throughout life, once we bring our emotions to You, and allow You to heal the negative ones and to accentuate our positive feelings.


Thought for the Day:

When we pray about our attitudes at home, church, workplace, social gatherings, etc; God helps us to discover the root cause of our negative attitudes, and to change our focus on the situation, which in turn changes our thoughts, feelings, stress-level, habits, choices, decisions and actions.



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