Improving Relationships through Compassion and Understanding

When we experience conflict in this world (John 16:33), we can change our focus about it, stop blaming other people, and realize that we have the full power of the Trinity of God abiding within us. Every situation is a growing experience for us.


Rather than clawing our way to the top of the food chain, we can release our desire to struggle, to defend our self, and to make our point, by trusting that God is in control and gives us hope and a blessed future (Jeremiah 29:11).


We attempt to understand the other person’s viewpoint, champion their causes, support their endeavors, and defend their option to experience those things without having the need to control them of the outcome.


We do not need to reap the consequences of their behavior. We can always make our own choices once they make theirs. First, we analyze why their decision bothers us, why it makes us fearful and insecure, and what we can do to avoid their consequences.


Does their decision make us feel abandoned, excluded, insecure, neglected, etc? If so, we can make an appointment with them during a calm, stress-free part of the day to discuss how we feel.

Hopefully, they will take our needs into consideration too.


They may be agreeable to finding an option we can both live with that does not demand more compromise from one of us than from the other. It will help if we discover some answers to questions like these:

What core need is driving their decision and our uncertainty? Can we meet our own need and give them the freedom to follow their instincts? This allows us to be sensitive to their needs without contributing to our own doubts and stress.


We realize that God knows the truth of what happened, so we can stop fighting with others, allowing them to make their own decisions and giving them a peaceful environment where they are less defensive, calmer, and freer to be who God created them to be.



Father God, You are the ultimate peace-maker and You gave us to the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18). Sometimes, we cannot make peace with a person or group, and they refuse to reformulate a loving and caring reciprocal relationship. Remind us that we can agree to disagree with them, and to keep the relationship at arm’s length until it can be restored.


You sent us Jesus to die for us and to give us all the opportunity to exercise our free will. We do not have to live in a one-sided environment where we are neglected, abused, falsely accused and abandoned. You taught me that we can allow others to make their choices and then we can make our own decisions that are right for our life.


Thought for the Day:

Recognizing each other’s strengths and having compassion on each other’s weaknesses will go a long way in restoring and promoting peace and joy in our relationship; this helps us to find a happy medium that we can both agree with, and teaches us tolerance of our differences.





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