God’s Rest is the Best – Part Four

Residing in God’s rest is accomplished from moment to moment throughout our day. Our choices determine whether or not we abide in God’s rest (Hebrews 4:1-10). If we step out of God’s will, we forfeit His peace, and we walk away from His place of rest (1 Thessalonians 5:19).


We can also lose our place in God’s rest by the thoughts we entertain and by the negative emotions that we allow to rule in our life. God gave us negative emotions as a red flag to help us to discern that we are neglecting our needs, but they are not to rule our thoughts and influence our decisions.


As long as God remains as the focus of our heart, and we determine not to rebel against His direction for our day, we will not slip out of our place in God’s rest.


Our position in God’s rest is determined from one act of obedience or disobedience to the next. If we walk outside of God’s will, we slip from grace and we invite turmoil to reign in our soul.


God gives His grace to the humble, but He resists the proud (Proverbs 3:34; James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5; Isaiah 66:1-2). If we insist on living life our own way, through our human resources and understanding by making our own decision, we forfeit the chance to reside in God’s rest.


Often, we do not appreciate the importance of living in the rest of God – the place where our body, soul and spirit function in optimal capacity.


We inherited Adam and Eve’s penchant for missing the mark of God’s best. Unless we realize that without God we are nothing, then we may have fleeting success, but it is not fulfilling for very long.


If we make a point not to allow busyness, anxiety and stress to overcome us, and to pray about everything with thanksgiving, then the peace of God will guard our thoughts and emotions through Christ in us (Philippians 4:6-7).



Father God, You created the earth and all that is in it, and then rested on the seventh day. Remind us of the value of living in that same rest. You have completed Your work, and all things are under Your control; so we can rest in Your will for each moment of our day (Genesis 2:2-3; Exodus 20:8-10). No matter what life throws at us, You give us relief from the suffering and turmoil. You keep us in perfect peace as we trust in You and unwaveringly focus our mind on You (Isaiah 14:3, 26:3).


Give us the wings of doves, so that we can fly away and be at rest (Psalm 55:6). Give us the sweetness of a good night of sleep and make us to live in safety (Psalm 4:8). Only in Your presence can we find true rest for our body, soul and spirit (Exodus 33:14). Remind us to remain in Your rest by ceasing from our striving to do good works, and to walk instead in Your perfect will for each moment of our life (Hebrews 4:9-11).


Thought for the Day:

God invites us to come to Him in our weary and burdened state, so that He can give us rest; He offers to allow us to yoke up with Him, so that He can help us to carry His easy and light burdens, and so we can walk in step with His will for our life.

– Matthew 11:28-30


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