God’s Transforming Power

When we suffer some trauma as a child, we comprehend it from a child’s perspective. If we suppress or dissociate from the memory, we never process the event as an adult. Part of our soul is trapped with that memory in our subconscious mind.


This memory affects our every waking moment, and adds fuel to the emotions we experience during episodes in our adult life. If we take our current negative emotions to God, we often remember the event and find healing for our soul then and now.

( https://www.facebook.com/TransformationPrayerMinistry/ )


People who inflict us with pain in our childhood are human. Most of them are doing the best they can with the wounds from their past, as well as with their limited resources. They never got healed from their trauma, so they unwittingly inflict their wounds on us.


Some people, however, are simply carnal and depraved. They find joy in bullying, harming and hurting other people, especially innocent children who cannot fight back or protect themselves. We can find God’s grace to forgive these people too.


Every crime ever perpetrated in this world came from an evil choice by a sinful person. We often blame God for the bad experiences we are forced to live with; but these negative circumstances came, not from God, but from a wounded person.


As wounded people, we often unwittingly hurt our children and others in our life. We also grow up neglecting our self, believing we are unlovable, and attempting to please others, so they will love us. We adopt codependent behavior trying to win approval and love.


Our life is a gift from God. When we take our pain to Him, He heals us, and then uses our past experiences for us to help other people (Luke 22:31-34). He teaches us to trust only in Him, and to walk in His perfect plans for us (Proverbs 3:5-6; Ephesians 2:10).



Father God, thank You for preventing Satan from triumphing over us. He comes to steal, kill and destroy; but You have all authority over him (John 10:10; James 4:7). Show us how to step out from the shadow of fear and insecurity, and to walk in Your Light (1 John 1:7). Help us to face the truth of our past and to forgive or make amends to those who were a part of it (Matthew 6:14).


This freedom allows us to walk in the glorious light of Your redemption to the fullest degree. Fill us through our entire being with all of Your fullness, and give us the richest measure of Your presence in our union with You (Ephesians 3:15-19, Amplified Bible); so that we can walk in Your Spirit and reap Your blessings both now and throughout eternity.


Thought for the Day:

When we trust only in the Lord, He binds up our wounds, as He heals our shame, grief, frustration, resentment, anger, etc; and He offers us His yoke so that He may help us in our weakness to carry our heavy burdens. – Matthew 11:28, 6:33



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