Striving for Impossible Results

Some people look down on other people who are fearful and insecure. Possibly, they are threatened or apprehensive when they view our anxieties face-to-face, because they do not want to face their own issues.


They want us to live a level life without mountaintops and valleys. They want us to use rational reasoning to solve our fears; but this is not always possible, because fears are more emotional than mental.


Sometimes, we end up with panic attacks, because we accept so many responsibilities, make unreachable goals for our self, and pile one ideal or expectation on top of the other until they topple over and self-destruct.


We do this in an attempt to reach a desired destination by a certain date and time; however, we actually find our self out of breath and aching in body and soul.


We are so busy, that we have little or no time for our soul, which is our true self that needs rest, relaxation and enjoyment. We tend to wear out our soul – out thoughts, emotions and choices, by overly committing our self.


Also, we may neglect our spirit by avoiding fellowship, rushing in and out of worship times, or just not attending services at all. We may be led by compulsion and expectations, rather than by obeying the direction of God’s Spirit for each moment of our day.


The only way to rest in the Lord (Hebrews 10:14) is to realize that He has a perfect plan for our life (Ephesians 2:10). He helps us to walk in His peace, joy and perfect rest. Through Christ in us, we find our peace in the shelter of His wings (Psalm 91:4).



Father God, sometimes, even when we are walking in Your perfect will for our life, we may feel overwhelmed and unsuccessful. Help us to minimize the stress that we feel by compartmentalizing the goals that You give us, so that we can do one achievable part at a time until we accomplish Your complete goal for us.


Help us not to feel responsible for making everyone around us happy and successful. Remind us that we are not responsible for caring for everyone in our life (John 5:3, 8). Encourage us to leave them in Your capable hands until they walk in Your ways for their life. Enable us not to allow negative emotions to consume us, but to come to You for resolution for each issue that is plaguing our soul.


Thought for the Day:

Thinking idealistically and creating unachievablely high goals for our self, keeps us striving for more, better, and in reality, impossible results.



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