A Safe and Level Path

It makes me sad when I witness Satan convincing people, just like he did with Adam and Eve, that it is possible to have a spiritual perspective in life without God.
These deceived people really have to work hard to convince themselves that being spiritual without God is actually possible. They twist words and beat around the bush in order to explain how they accomplish this perspective.


Their conviction makes absolutely no sense at all. They bend over backward to sound confident in what they purport. Yet, it simply puts bandages on the wounds that our beliefs and behavior allow the devil to inflict on us.


We are never completely healthy and whole, until our spirit is Born Again by the power of God’s Spirit through the blood of Jesus Christ.


When life is puzzling and we are groping in the dark, we question God and sometimes even curse Him. When life is hard, we often accuse God for our circumstances. We may have caused these issues by our own choices, but we blame God anyway.


God knows the end of our life from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). Often, what He does with us, for us, and to us in our life seems misguided and irrelevant. Yet, if we take the time to really notice, His direction sees us through all of the twists and turns of life.


God is not our Aladdin’s Lamp to grant us three wishes whenever we decide that we need them. He is our King, and we serve at His pleasure, not our own. He is rarely direct in His guidance of us, but He is always timely and amazing.


Christ in us provides us with faith instead of fear, and trust instead of insecurities and negative emotions. As we draw near to Him, He helps us to flee temptations and to weather life’s storms (James 4:7).


We are not the center of our life, Jesus is (Colossians 3:33-4). He is the alpha and omega of all things, and He leads us in a safe and level path as we consult Him each moment of our day (Proverbs 3:5-6).



Father God, we are so sorry for attempting to control You, for blaming You for negative circumstances, and for grumbling when You choose a different path for us than the one we want to walk. Remind us not to live out our ways with our plans, goals and desires; but to obey Your guidance through each moment of the day.


You are our Father, and You always know what is best for us. Help us not to resist Your plans, but to follow them always – knowing that they will all work out for our ultimate good (Romans 8:28; Jeremiah 29:11). Thank You for transforming our mind and helping us to see life as Jesus does, as Your Holy Spirit also give us Christ’s divine nature (2 Peter 1:4).


Thought for the Day:

God’s Word is a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path; as we traverse this world throughout our lifetime, we want to walk in the middle of His perfect plans for us.

– Psalms 119:105, 108-109; Ephesians 2:10.



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