A Good Marriage – Meeting Each Other’s Needs

Our response to our mate’s words, actions and needs is critical in promoting love and nurture between us. Taking a lesson from the Bible, we exhibit God’s unconditional Agape love toward one another.


We affirm each other with all of our faults and peculiarities. We give each other space to be our self, to pursue our own leadings by the Holy Spirit, to rest and relax – even if there is work to do around the house.


Cherishing, valuing, appreciating and accepting each other help our marriage to go the distance, through the good times and the difficult times. We prefer one another without neglecting our own needs.


Supporting our mate each day of our marriage, nurturing one another, listening and showing understanding will increase our love and care toward each other. This keeps those little foxes of self-centeredness out of our relationship.


These attitudes also promote unity, joy and peace between us. Compliments help us to feel safe, accepted and loved. We thrive on the positive affirmation they give to us.


Marital intimacy grows in an environment of kindness and sincerity. When we both feel assured that we are loved and accepted regardless of our behavior or short comings, we feel secure and enjoy spending time together.


Marriage is a great place for grace to develop, especially when we are at odds for any reason. Mess-ups happen to everyone and showing each other God’s mercy and grace in times of conflict or disaster help us to support each other through troubled times.


God has a purpose for our union, and seeking Him together is a privilege and a mission. Walking together in the center of God’s will for us individually and as a couple will ensure our peace, joy and success in this life and the next.



Father God, thank You for uniting us with our mate, so that we can flourish in our love for one another. Walking side by side, we encounter Your divine appointments together. Our mate is one of our special blessings from You to us – even when we feel stressed or unhappy because of our differences. Remind us that You chose our mate for us so that we can strengthen one another’s weaknesses.


Help us to discover ways to affirm, appreciate, love and admire each other, especially when we differ in our desires, leadings and goals. Help us to seek You as a couple, so that we can grow together in our knowledge of Your ways. We live to serve at Your pleasure and we look forward to spending eternity together in Your presence.


Thought for the Day:

Take time to remember and nurture the aspects about each other that made you decide to get married in the first place; keep a journal of all of the new character traits in one another that you discover and appreciate along the way.


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