Fulfilled Golden Years

Getting old is difficult. Our energy level, functioning our bodily organs, and attention span all diminish with age; while aches and pains, pill intake and doctor bills all increase. We get discouraged, lose self-esteem and feel useless in so many ways.


Eventually, we even have to cut back on our energy outgo; limiting our activities to a few major events a day. Many people are required to give up the keys to the car, join a geriatrics exercise program and get more sleep with less productivity.


God knew we would start aging before the day we were born (Ephesians 2:10). He has plans for us, which include this time in our life (Jeremiah 29:11). We do not need to confine our self to the rocking chair on the front porch – although that is fun sometimes too.


God rested on the seventh day of Creation and He teaches us to set boundaries around our time; to take a day off; to enjoy time in nature, at the pool or walking on nature trails each day; to play with our pets; to write letters and books, and to make cards to brighten someone’s day; to bake a pie or a dozen cookies to share with the neighborhood kids after school – all in His name and all for His glory (1 Corinthians 10:31).


Aging requires that we change our focus about life and that we keep a positive attitude. We continue walking in the Spirit and carry on the will of God for each moment of our life. We exchange youthful ministries for the equally as important ministry of prayer and mentoring (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Titus 2:4).


Sitting at Jesus’ feet, we worship Him by singing and praying the scripture. We lift up in prayer the needs of our fellow Saints and family members, the church’s pastor and staff and the ministry leaders and volunteers, the world and its leaders, the persecuted church and the unreached people groups.


Another way to minister is to share God’s Word by writing a blog, emailing and private messages and texts, as well as fellowshipping on social media. This way, we can communicate and minister all over the country and the world.



Father God, when we are drained, worn and weary from life, we are still Yours with a unique calling on our life. Remind us that until our dying breath, You call us to seek You and to walk in Your perfect plan for us by Your Spirit. We surrender all to You and we worship You with all of our thoughts, words and deeds.


Remind us that the girl checking us out at the grocery, the waitress, the retail clerk, the person next to us on the bus or airplane, the librarian, etc. all need us to recognize them as a person too, and to tell them that You and we really care about them. Let Your light shine in us so brightly that everyone will see our good works and give You the glory (Matthew 5:16).


Thought for the Day:

God uses us in so many ways, regardless of our age, energy level, health issues and physical limitations as we share His wisdom, ways and wonders with those He brings into our life.


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